Saturday, 7 March 2015

Vancouver Island

We eagerly joined the queue for the Vancouver Island ready to discover Victoria. We contemplated a longer stay to explore more of the Island, but our time in Vancouver was slipping away so quickly and we still had so much we wanted to do. A day trip it was, and in hindsight we regret that decision. We had too little time between ferry runs to see it all BUT we certainly did make the most of every minute we had! The trip itself was stunning with such beautiful little homes along the shore. 

Once on land we quickly set out to find all the sites. The afternoons become cool & dark so quickly in winter so we had to move fast! 

The museum was a definite highlight but we had to do the quick run around before it closed. This is why we needed an extra day- we had far too much to fit in. It really was a fantastic collection of interesting indigenous displays, as well as modern culture. We loved it all. 
My phone battery died before we had seen all there was to see but we managed to find lots more fun before we had to line up again for the return ferry. Thankfully there was a buffet on the ferry so we could have dinner while we travelled through the dark. Campbell was exhausted (it had been a huge day) so we went back down to the car & rested there while the ferry travelled back to Vancouver. 
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