Saturday, 18 February 2012

Another fabulous week.

I have managed to fit so much into this week that I am struggling to remember it all. 
The highlights have been helping in Joe's kindy classroom and seeing him totally at ease and happy, lunch with my bestie (twice), IKEA (will need a return to get the stuff I was supposed to buy), the gym, finishing my bag, making homemade pasta for the first time for Valentine's Day, my 'meet the teacher' meeting at work (I also got to meet the parents), Harry Potter at the Powerhouse.... how did I fit all of that in!!

Campbell is hanging with his 'teenage' friends this weekend at respite and was so excited to get there this morning. We fought against the respite thing for so long but he was so insistent about spending the weekend with school friends and with pay TV!!! This is his first over night stay and it is very strange not having him here. School camp was a good warm- up to overnight stays, we survived that and he had the best time. He had some spending money packed and was heading off to go bowling and to the shops this morning- Cam's idea of a perfect day.  He had a quick flick through of the pay TV channels as soon as he got there this morning to ease himself into weekend bliss.

Campbell doesn't enjoy museums at all, his brothers love them. This was a chance for everyone to do just what they like best. We took Andrew and Jonas to see the Harry Potter exhibition and have another wander around the Powerhouse. It was a great day!! I also loved the 'lace' display that is on at the moment. We also had Yum Cha in Chinatown for lunch in our favourite old restaurant- I used to go there frequently with my Dad when we were kids and I also took Eric there from when we first started going out. We haven't been back for the longest time because there is a huge flight of stairs leading up the restaurant- not at all wheelchair friendly!!

It was an exhausting ride home in the crowded town and I was hit with the most revolting stomach cramps. A tummy bug has been doing rounds and I think it found me :( I was hugely relieved to make it home. 

Missing our big boy now it is quiet and thought of him often throughout the day- I hope he had fun today too.

My beautiful Valentine's necklace that Jonas made at school xxxxx

Delicious homemade pasta.

Yum yum Yum Cha
My favourite piece at the 'lace' exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum.
The Night Bus!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I made something!!!

 After another wonderful weekend of planning, cooking and feasting I decided to hit the sewing machine this afternoon. The wish flags warmed me up but barely equate to sewing.
I started with my favourite piece of fabric I had ordered on etsy with absolutely no idea of what to do with it. It is just a fat quarter so my options were fairly limited. I created a simple but cute little bag, but will need to get some extra fabric to make the strap- I am thinking green. I added a little felt flower that I had bought in the Country Women's Association shop in SA.
Satisfied with my quick little project I got more adventurous. No pattern and no idea what I am doing, but I whipped up a little pair of pajama shorts for Joe. I used left over curtain material so it didn't matter if I stuffed them up. Joe loves them!!! I will have to explore some technique tutorials for the next item (pretty dodgy in a few spots). It may be a good idea to get a pattern too ;) But I am excited to say I have made my first item of clothing!!

I almost forgot I made a cute paper Valentines decoration too!

Friday, 10 February 2012

One week down.

We have all had a pretty great week. There have been a couple of ups and downs but overall- pretty great! Jonas is enjoying big school enormously. He loves getting himself ready in the mornings and is bright and chirpy about the day ahead. He totally loves his year 6 buddy and tells me that Blake is the best thing about school...closely followed by his lovely teacher and little mate Jett.
I think he is also delighted to finally be with his big bro Andrew 24 hours a day!! He adores Drew and is always happiest when he has him near by. I love that about my boys- they stand by each other, look after each other and love each other. I hope that never changes. It is a special bond we have with siblings. Nobody knows us better, but that doesn't always mean that they understand us or even like us sometimes!! Often all of that changes each day or maybe over years. That may be the very best thing about a sibling- you might hate each other passionately for a minute, day or year but it is pretty hard to stop loving them.
The week has just passed too quickly, although I did manage to fit an awful lot into my week without work....except that one day of my week was at work. I have managed to enjoy lunch with friends/ Mum every day this week (I include my day at work). I have also seen a movie, done lots and lots of shopping, been to the gym several times (have a constant reminder of that in every muscle). I also set up the study as a sewing room with some pretty fabric and grand plans. I am hopeless at sewing but always wished I could whip up nice things like so many other people do. I invested in a few beautifully presented books with beginner projects- it all looks so gorgeous and inviting....and sort of achievable.
The first project on my list was some sweet little wish flags for my class. I bought some lovely fabric on etsy and decided to make some simple little flags to string up around the room with wishes/ goals for the year from each of my students. I thought that at the end of the year I could cut up the string of flags and give each child their wish- hopefully it is something that they achieved and can feel proud of (I intend to provide some suggestions and a little bit of direction in the goal setting so that it is realistic). With a K/1 class I am thinking of things like: learn to read, make new friends, learn to count to 100, make great art work, have fun, be happy!!! 'Create a classroom full of fun, learning and enthusiasm' might be my flag :)
After an inspiring day with a very special friend I came home from school pick- up determined to make a start. I am so excited to have them finished and ready to go!! They are not perfect by any means, but they are made with love!!!
While I was on a roll I also made a set for home. I asked all of my boys to choose their favourite fabric for their wish flag. I am the only one who has put my wish in writing so far. I had to suggest to the boys that they reconsider their first, impulsive wishes for something they could realistically achieve. Joe wanted a 'computer of my own' after pondering his options for a whole nano- second. Andrew said that he wants to star on the show 'Prank Patrol'. Sooooo they are giving it some thought.  They have all come up with other options and are just trying to decide on the best one.
I am very excited about another week of being a full-time Mummy, with time during the day to complete my 'to- do list'. Next week is already filling up...... with helping out in Jonas' classroom, school stuff that I have to do, lunches and morning teas with friends, gym sessions, starting a real sewing project, a trip to IKEA ......ummmmm where is that list and how many hours have I got????
 I am also enjoying the little things like making special afternoon teas for the boys, packing lovely lunch boxes, preparing nice dinners, and TIME!!! Tine to do all of those little things.
I need to keep reminding myself to make the most of every day and have no regrets at the end of my leave- I think I am on track so far.
My wish flags! This photo does not give credit to the beautiful fabric.
Friday night Pizza!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

School Days!

Well that beautiful baby boy of mine has left my clutches and is running free!! Despite his worries and reluctance to start seems he really likes it!
He was a bit nervous as we got ready for the day and decided that he had a sore leg and couldn't face the school day. This made me a bit nervous and thought it might be a sign of a less than positive start to the day. Thankfully as the morning progressed Joe became more comfortable. A miraculous transformation came over him when his mate Jett arrived. Although not blatantly excited to see fellow kindergarteners, Joe became more relaxed as they all arrived and he actually started to smile :)
Once his wonderful teacher appeared and welcomed him into her class...that was it! He was willing and able to leave my side and follow the direction of his adored teacher. This teacher is someone who makes me question my own teaching and want to be better at what I do- she is an inspiration!
Ahhh happy days! My sweet boy followed the directions given and joined his best mate on the floor, amongst all his new classmates. Did he look back at his Mummy for reassurance...NUP!
Proud and excited I left the room quickly, in case he changed his mind.
So now what do I do with my time until I go back to work....well I went to work. Today that is. Yesterday I was grateful a chance to chat and relieve tension with Jett's Mum, Sarah, and some time at the gym. I also got to have a nice time to just sit with my Mum and chat. It is not often that we both get a co- ordinating break from work and we both had a vested interest in today- our gorgeous boys on their way in the world. Our time together was interrupted with lovely messages from those who love us and care about us to check in on how the day was going. This was the only thing that brought tears to my eyes today. My boys were all happy and well, but I just felt a huge sense of relief that all had gone to plan. We have such wonderfully supportive friends who have been so lovely. Even walking into the school each day I am faced with little people eager to tell me how much fun Jonas had at school.
The Paddle Pop stains on the school shirt was the evidence of a loving big brother and a care free day at school. I forgot to get a photo before it was thrown in the soaking bucket. Even Joe's year 6 buddy was impressed with the extent of the coverage achieved with a single ice- cream!  I just know that shirt will feature in the Date repertoire of funny stories- even without the photo.
I am happy! My boys are happy...all is good  :)


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weekend entertaining :)

Well we had a fabulous weekend all round. We are just getting used to getting back into the dinner type entertaining- wooohoooo! Campbell always liked an early night and found it hard to cope with late nights when he was younger- now he is 13 we are back in action!!! How much fun it is to spend the day planning and preparing for a fun night with friends. I could get the out candles too. I had plans to get the wii microphones going, and sing to my hearts content, to the songs I love with fellow 'retros'...but we got side tracked. Lis surely you would have enjoyed a bit of Culture Club with me- the boys just don't get it. Thank goodness that Sydney turned on the sunshine for us too. The kids spent hours in the pool...finally.
We backed up dinner with the delightful Dells, with lunch with the fabulous Follans. Too much eating went on this weekend but that Sangria really helped us cope with the excess ;)
Such a wonderful relaxing way to pass the weekend and I do love planning for feasts!
Lunch boxes have been filled with left- overs for our big day tomorrow! Even though both Cam and Drew have already started their school year they are both very excited about Joe's first day of school. Andrew is a bit nervous for him too- he remembers what it is like start kindy feeling shy and nervous- don't we all! Campbell was never one for feeling shy and is quite often the ice-breaker when the mood get tense.
I am looking forward to the week ahead of being a full- time Mum. I think I had better start a 'to do' list before all my time runs away from me. I love making lists :)
Nanna's plates put to good use and Auntie Gwen's glasses all a glow :)
Summer- time Sangria!!
Chocolate puddings for my darling bestie x

Friday, 3 February 2012

New beginnings.

Today was my last day at home alone with my Preschooler!
My beautiful boy had wonderful ideas for filling our week of freedom. How I have loved playing lego (lots of lego), baking, watching movies and Classic 'Goodies' DVD's , playing games, shopping and reading together. I am so glad that I was able to do with Jonas what I was able to do with Cam and Drew when they were preschoolers- funnily enough they all wanted to do much the same. Joe was the only one who didn't have a baby brother to look forward to and enjoy. We were so clever in the way we timed the birth of our baby boys, exactly 4 years apart. Just as you start to miss a baby boy in the house, another arrives. This time we started to plan for holidays and adventures that are impossible to do with a baby. Would I have another??? My heart says "YES" and my head says "Are you crazy?" We can't afford for me to take the time off work and how could we possibly find the time for another little person- life seems to be so crazy, busy, chaotic already. Just as we have started to venture into new and exciting things...Oh the places we could go!!! I am being especially sentimental today, but I am a big, fat, sook when it comes to babies.
So today I decided to do something drastic!! I had all of my hair cut off. Those who have known me for a long time would not bat an eyelid- I do this every so many years...jeez I must be getting old!
 Joe didn't like the way my hair tumbled to the floor and kept shaking his head as he watched it came off. This was all new to him- I usually cut my hair with the arrival of a new baby. Campbell's response when he saw me was "Why are you wearing a wig!" LOL...great!!!
Eric tells me I look gorgeous no matter what I look like- can't trust his judgement, unless I need to hear that I am gorgeous xxx
I am happy! I cut away the old and I am excited about the new. All good as far as I can see.
I love my family and I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend with lots of entertaining with lots of special friends. I hope that Sydney can turn on the sun so we can enjoy the pool and BBQ.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Today was Joe's first visit to Taronga! I can't believe that he has seen zoo's in three other states (I am counting ACT too- Canberra Zoo is awesome) before he saw Taronga. We had a wonderful day, despite the miserable rain. Joe loves transport almost as much as he loves animals, so the train and ferry rides were lots of fun before we had even started. I will never tire of the view from the ferry in Sydney Harbour. As much as I fall in love with the other cities we visit in Australia, and decide that Sydney is too busy and full of traffic, a view of Sydney from the harbour or the air makes me love Sydney all over again.
We had downloaded a Taronga Zoo app which was very cute and appealing for my 5 year old boy. The monkeys needed our help and we set out to capture photos of all of the animals on our list. It had a map, lots of information, sounds and video footage along the way.
We headed out with a plan, but as usual, didn't stick to it. The talks and shows kept interrupting our plan. We left the reptiles to see the Gorilla talk and then had to run back up the hill to make it to the reptile show. The rain was a bit of a blessing because the zoo was very quiet today. We had the snake to ourselves so we got to pat and chat with the zoo keepers, until.....Rove McManus arrived! Joe was happy with a pat until he saw a couple pick it up and drape it over their necks, posing for photos- he wished he could do that too. Hard to top the star treatment and Jonas had no idea who they were. Never mind, I like Rove and was kind of excited to see him, even if Joe was unimpressed.
The weather was dry enough for us to see everything on our agenda. It was only when we settled in to watch the much anticipated seal show that it bucketed down. We didn't care- in fact I think we will remember it so much more fondly because of the rain. We sat in our rain coats with an umbrella over our legs and I think that watching Joe's face was far more entertaining than the seals! He clapped and cheered with such enthusiasm and was thoroughly delighted with their cheeky antics. Perhaps he was thinking about the Sea World story that his Daddy told him on our recent road trip- the little boy who screamed out "Salty" at the top of his lungs at the wrong time and died of embarrassment!! Daddy has some fabulous stories of the funny things he did when he was little- we wonder if they are all as embarrassing as he says they were.
We had a fabulously, exhausting day. I am treasuring every moment with my baby boy before he goes to school- as I did with his big brothers. I was lucky enough to have lots of time at home with both Campbell and Andrew in the year before they started school. I am making the absolute most of my week with my youngest.
Tomorrow.........hmmmm what can we do :)
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