Thursday, 19 January 2012

Adelaide revisited.

So much we needed to fit into one day! After discovering the Adelaide markets I realise we need an entire month in Adelaide alone. We planned out our wish list before we left the tent this morning: Jonas- zoo, Campbell- just take a random stab...yep a bookshop, Andrew- the comic shop. Joe and Drew were also keen to go back to the museum and try as I might, I could not convince anyone to join me at the Art Gallery :(
This itinerary required a divide and conquer approach. Eric and Joe- the Zoo. Campbell, Andrew and I- the markets, bookshop and comics (AND the Art Gallery!) The plan was to meet up at the Botanic Gardens for lunch. We will have to wait for the Zoo update but we can say that the markets were awesome- food glorious food! I had an entire dinner party planned and catered for within the first aisle. A bit frustrating to know that we still had a whole day in the hot city before dinner- no purchases but lots of drooling. We found a pretty cool second hand bookshop where Campbell had the shop assistant as his beck and call. They had a bounty of BBC offerings and Cam happily settled on a 'Two Ronnies Sketch Book'. We decided that it would be fun to catch a free tram back down to Rundle Mall- excellent wheelchair access too. We enjoyed all there was to see in Rundle Mall and then wandered up to the Botanic Gardens for lunch. Jonas couldn't wait to tell us about the pandas, the lion, the birds in the toilets.....checked with Eric and it is true!!! An aviary in the toilets- a fantastic time all round. Lovely lunch in the shade of the trees and time to split up again. This time Eric and Campbell set off in one direction while the rest of us went to the Museum (ohhhhh look there is the Art Gallery on the way) Luckily we decided to do a quick run through of the Art Gallery, as it was on the way anyway, because the lovely lady there told us to check out level 3 of the museum to see the ice wall- that WAS lucky ;) The Art Gallery was so beautiful and the boys did agree to a quick look until they got bored- glory, glory. I got my quick view so we went next door to the Mawson exhibition and the ice wall. Outside the museum the water sculpture, which was the pigeon pools last visit, was now set up as a water play area with buckets and boats....the smell of chlorine was now also present. A nice idea but the boys opted to eat their ice blocks a safe distance from the bucket throwing locals who obviously knew the routine.
We found Eric and Campbell again and enjoyed a cup of tea in the Adelaide Mall. It was late afternoon so we thought it would be fun to head home via Glenelg and Port Adelaide for an easy dinner before getting back to the over- crowded (and kind of uncomfortable caravan park).
Good plan- everyone got back to the tent tired and ready for a good rest.
We start our trip home home tomorrow via the Barossa and then the Murray River. We miss our Charlie boy and look forward to a big wriggly, sloppy welcome home!
The ice wall.
The water play outside the Museum.
Port Adelaide

Billions of jelly fish!

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  1. What a full on day!! I know that feeling of wanting to squeeze as much as you can into your day and I think you all achieved that. Nearly did not recognise Joe with his hair cut. Cannot wait to read more. xxx


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