Sunday, 31 March 2013


Jonas has been working on growing a delicious, juicy carrot for the Easter Bunny. Well it was a thoughtful gesture but he was pretty sure this cute, teeny, tiny little carrot would not translate into a truck load of chocolate- he covered his bases by supplementing the meal with a shop bought beauty.

Well it looks like it was way more than one Easter Bunny could manage- and what a mess!! I guess it will be up to me to clean up after him!!

Let' see if Joe's generosity and thoughfulness paid off.

Hidden under the blanket is the real goodies!!!

Unfortunately in the darkened, early hours of the morning Joe thought that all he got was a couple of boiled eggs and a 'trick' trail of mini eggs. The disappointed bubbled into despair before we quickly revealed the true treasure. Oh dear...'epic fail' Easter Bunny!!!

Yes this is the true state of Campbell's bedroom floor this morning- he prefers to keep his current favourites on hand and easy to find ;/

Those boiled eggs were appreciated in the end- one can only eat so much chocolate for breakfast.

After the very, very early morning excitement we enjoyed a day of stillness. I spent the day trying that on for size and didn't do too badly. I read a tonne of foody magazines and planned dinners for the next fortnight- I am terribly excited about having time to shop for good food and then cook it with love. We stayed in pyjamas, read the papers and ate chocolate. I did venture out for an afternoon walk in the sun so I could listen to another podcast- chocolate for my spirit.

The boys enjoyed playing in the sun, reading, watching TV and eating chocolate!

Joe also set up a game of memory so he could flog me- quite convincingly too.

A chat with a surprise kindred spirit gave me something to reflect on and offered some clarity. Thank you lovely Soo for your generous heart and thoughtful appreciation of the things in life that really matter. 
Being still is good for the soul. I think I will try to do it more often :)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Champagne on the lawn.

Despite the pouring rain last night we awoke to the most perfect sunshiney day- that's because it was the birthday of our favourite sunshiney girl. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate Good Friday and our dear friends birthday than picnicking on the lawn.

oh...and with bubbles too.

Someone get those girls to the dentist!!!!

Who got to the bunny butt first?!?!

Time to hunt for eggs....

The total in the basket doesn't add up with the total hidden. Several must have melted in their hiding spots today ;)

Watch me breathe.

This week I have found joy and beauty in every mundane task. This breathing thing is really working for me :) Allow me to bore you with the mundane moments I found so gorgeous that I just had to take a photo.

I made this pom pom with Pip Lincolne the other day. Yep, we had a crafternoon together. I love my pom pom- it reminds me of watermelon and makes me smile :)

Lemonade scones with choc chips!

My eyes were bigger than my belly- I couldn't finish it! I did have fun trying though.

I taught Joe how to make pom poms- he's hooked. 

Delicious figs freshly picked off the tree- warm, sticky, sunshiney sweetness.

Drew won an Easter basket in the raffle. The basket was emptied and distributed too quickly for me to get a photo.

Pom pom crazy! Joe is making a cushion for his bedroom- GO Joe!!

Special ones made with love for the teachers too.

Campbell picked out a special gift for his best mate Daniel. I also had the pleasure of having the time to take him to Daniel's place for afternoon tea after school. I got to have coffee with Daniel's lovely Mum and dance with the boys to Wii Dance- hilarious!!

My first ever cake decorating course and not at all terrifying. How cute is that bunny butt?

A bouquet of cake pops were completely necessary to compliment those cup cakes.

This issue of Frankie features Pip's pom poms (just in case you loved mine so much and you want to make some of your own)
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