Saturday, 27 October 2012

My Poppy.

My beloved Poppy was sick all week. He was hospitalised with pneumonia and he just couldn't get better. Last night my Mum called to say that he had been brought home because his body was shutting down. He smiled when she told him he would be going home. I wonder what came to mind when he heard the word home. I wonder if he thought of his childhood home. I wonder if he thought of the house he built in Peakhurst, where he raised his daughters. I wonder if he thought of his sunny verandah with the water view on St Huberts Island (this is where I always picture him looking out over the water). I think it was probably just Nanna that meant home to him. Going home just meant being with the one he loved. He didn't make it through the night.
 I am reflecting on the wonderful things that I love about him. He has had a huge impact on the person I have become and I really, really hope he knew that.
My Poppy is the quiet, strong influence. The sturdy, reliable man who I always knew I could depend on.  No matter how sick and uncomfortable he was over the past few years nobody ever heard him complain...about anything! He was proud of his family and I always knew it. He gave the biggest hugs that squeezed the breath out of you. He had the knack of finding the perfect spot on my knee to squeeze to make it tickle. My Poppy never raised his voice, never drew attention to himself but his presence was always felt. I always knew he was there and that I could rely on him.

I have lots of lovely memories of childhood holidays with my Nanna and Poppy, memories of Poppy popping in for a visit and a chat when Eric and I first moved out on our own, memories of just sitting by his side holding his hand without having to talk because we could just enjoy a quiet moment together.
I love him and I miss him.

Friday, 26 October 2012

What is home?

Is home where you grew up and have all of your memories of childhood?
Is home where you first set up house with your beloved?
Is home where your own precious children grew up?
Is home where you settled for a happy retirement?
Is home where your greatest love is to be found?
Home is where the heart is!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

School Harvest Dinner

My lovely husband puts in a lot of hours every year to support a wonderful opportunity for his students. The School Harvest dinner takes produce from the farms of the participating schools to create a menu. The school kids help to grow and prepare the produce, as well as cook and serve it on the night. It takes quite a bit of effort to get the right amount of produce ready for the right time and there is a great sense of pride for all involved to see it presented on the plate. Crestwood High is the only public school in the area to participate and 2 previous students have gone on the become chefs since doing the School Harvest. Our meals are always restaurant quality and beautifully presented and served.

Eric is already so busy being an amazing Dad and is always rushing before and after school to gather up all of our boys. How he fits extra things like this into his working day I do not know! He does such a good job at everything he does and I love seeing him having his moment to shine :)

Terrible photo I know but he is up there for the Q&A with teachers bit.

This dessert was so, so good :)

Joe will obviously be a School harvester in future years. He made a double batch of scones this afternoon with very little help form me!

Luna Park

We are very lucky that the Police Credit union offer family tickets to Luna Park every year for a discounted price- it's a first in first served deal so you have to be quick. We had such a great day and thankfully the rain clouds hovered but then blew over. Drew braved a few of the rides with me but passed on a couple of the really 'scary' ones. We have the funniest photo of us on the roller coaster!

As a fabulous finale to the day Campbell and Joe made us mud pies for dinner :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Mr Charisma.

Another beautiful photo captured by The Follans.

My Campbell is such a gorgeous boy! I got to spend the day with him today and didn't feel even the slightest bit guilty about taking the day off work do to it (I usually do but I have now decided that my boys deserve to share in my wealth of accumulated sick days). Today was a BOTOX appointment at the Children's Hospital. This was always my chief job before Joe was born and then full- time work came into the picture. Eric, being the ever amazing Dad that he is, has had the job for the past few years. My goodness it is so much easier with a young man who can be reasoned with. He hates the gas mask and he has (with good reason) developed quite a fear and mistrust of hospital procedures- he was lied to fairly frequently from a very young age about what may or may not hurt! He is now in a position to make it very clear to those brandishing needles and other such instruments where they can put them!!! He is also very charming and manages to make friends where ever we go. Our new BOTOX Doctor (who happens to be English) was more than happy to chat about vintage BBC comedy and even knew all of the catch phrases that Campbell kept throwing his way. At the end of the process Campbell politely apologised to everyone- he still resists the gas mask and most certainly felt the needles going in despite all best efforts. They were touched and the lovely Doc gave a very nice speech about how much he enjoys seeing Campbell and that he is such an interesting young man (he did seem quite impressed with the obscure detail Campbell offered up). The best bit of all was my big, long and heartfelt hug from my charming big boy before he left the bed to get back into the wheelchair. Did I well up a little? Shed a little tear? HA!!! Just a little. What a boy! Proud beyond words.

I treated him to an afternoon trip to the shops to spend his birthday vouchers at Westfields. I have no doubt that Parramatta Westfield has the slowest lifts in the entire world- fully expected to be trapped inside the Myers lift until the wee hours of the morning. He spent his Dymocks money promptly and without the usual hours long deliberation- hurrah! An easy in and out trip for us except for some dramas in the lifts- of course this just provided Campbell with the opportunity for a chat with some new friends. By the time we were finally delivered to the car park he had managed to find out that our lift was shared by a mother and son who are Korean and had just bought some flowers for a friend who is feeling under the weather, he has been advised in the dietary preferences of the Korean race, they now understand that he is very upset that his Uncle Gordon passed away recently and that he has two younger brothers (as well as their names, ages and annoying habits). He also managed to squeeze in somewhere in the conversation that he loved me!! Wow- Mr Charisma I tell you! He had formed such firm friends in the time we were trapped within the lift that he was offered some chewing gum. In the time it took this lovely lady to pat my arm and bless me for being Mummy to such a nice young man, Campbell noisily chewed on the gum and then announced that he had swallowed it!!! The doors finally opened on the correct floor and I again took an opportunity to hug my amazing son as I lifted him into the car to take him home.

And yes...I have now welled up and there may be a tear or two rolling down my cheeks....

Monday, 8 October 2012

First day back.

Despite the typical 'night before school goes back' anxiety (it's true that you never grow out of it) I have had a lovely day with my lovely class. It was also very nice to get back to school to see my friends (another thing you never grow out of) and I am very grateful to those sweet friends who know all the right things to do and say.
My class is full of the most beautiful little people who make me smile.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Campbell is 14!!!

It's not possible that my first born baby boy is already 14!!!! I'm really not sure where the years have gone. I have such clear memories of him being a baby and even a toddler but from about 4 years old onwards it is just a blur of years. It's so sad but so exciting all at once. He is just such a pleasure to be with and he can be quite the gentleman when he is in the mood for it! Daphne certainly got the star treatment today ;) Campbell hosted a Scooby Doo party today and the motivation behind the theme was so that he could get Daphne here. Not long after her arrival he put the question to her....please marry me!! He was so very charming but had forgotten to organise the engagement ring- she suggested he come back to her when he turns 18.
Daphne came with Scooby Doo as well and they were amazing. It was tricky to find them and I was so relieved when I finally came across a party entertainment company who could manage to do a Daphne and Scooby. With a group of kids from a support unit- some of whom struggled with verbal communication- Daphne and Scoobs were fantastic. They made adjustments to suit very situation- including Campbell's request for some Rolf Harris and some wobble board action. Incredibly professional and just so sweet and lovely too. Campbell even got a birthday kiss from Daphne!!
I am so proud of my big boy. He is such a joy and gives us billions of reasons to be proud of him. He was hilariously funny today, he was polite and charming and he was very grateful for his special day.

We made a Scooby wreath to welcome our guests at the door. We can use it again for Halloween with some added bits and pieces.

Mum made Campbell an incredible Scooby Doo cake- isn't she clever!! Thanks Mum xxx

The party tables. We tried to keep everything compact because we had 3 wheelchairs in the room at once.

Check out the gorgeous drink dispenser!! I have been looking around for one of these for ages and resisted the temptation to buy one on ebay for around $100!! I found this one at Winston Hills (around the corner from home) for only $27!! Imagine my excitement. I filled it with 'ghoul juice' for the party.

Milky Way racing cars using Scooby and Shaggy cookies.

We made lots of spooky goodies and some Scooby favourites- jelly with eye balls, pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers with fries, scooby snacks, mini donuts....

Playing hide and seek!!!

Dancing with Scooby and Daphne.

Making Scooby Doo gang hats for those who helped solve the mystery of the missing cake!


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