Saturday, 11 August 2012

Circus Party!!

Wooohooooo!! Joe loved his Circus party! He had the best fun and was a happy, happy boy.  I am a bit sad that it is all over- the planning was ever such fun. In fact I still haven't taken down most of the decorations...and I am not sure that I ever will :) Having that festive feeling every time we step out the back door can only ever be a good thing.

All set up and waiting for the kids to arrive....but before we could set the table...

The party preparation chaos...but what fun it was :)

The photo booth, goodie bags, the amazing cake, food, decorations and games.

Ohhh and the cake pops :)

The photo booth ready to go.

The Circus Challenge!!

Balloon art


 Joke or skit (anything silly will do)

The clown car- this was fun until someone got stuck :)

Big Bubbles

Walk the tight rope!

The food...

The cake created by my a gorgeous friend who went above and beyond to make Joe's day perfect- thankyou Deb xx


Fairy bread scrolls

Cake pops in gum balls.

Lemonade and giant pretzels. Mini gingerbread men with red icing noses (clowns) , jaffas (clown noses), 100's and 1000's biscuits.

Fairy floss in boxes, milk with flavoured straws.

Mini hot dogs with french fries (packet variety nestled at the bottom of each cup) 
Pink lemonade to the right.

 The photo booth in action

The Ring Master at work!

 The Lion Tamer at work!
How gorgeous is my friend Ruanne to go to all this trouble 
and she also shared awesome costumes for Eric and I. Big love to you Ru!!

Fun and silliness because that's what it's all about!

Put the nose on the clown.

Time for the cake...and I DID let him cut it (although it broke my heart)

The gang!

The decorations
Birthday bunting ordered online 

Lanterns & balloons ordered from our local 'ronnies' poms poms made with tissue paper. Bunting both homemade and bought. Circus top only $15 from IKEA.

Party bags and cake boxes to see everyone off with EXTRA sugar!!

 The sugar downer aftermath 

The day was easy and totally kid driven. I asked Joe what games he wanted it we planned for it but we just did what they wanted when they wanted. We also played musical chairs, musical statues and pass the parcel. He chose such lovely little people to join the birthday fun. All of the kids he invited were polite and considerate. They were so incredibly grateful and I was thanked repeatedly throughout the day for every little thing. I am so proud of my 6 year old boy xx


  1. I was hoping you'd post party photos! That looks amazing - you should hire yourself out as a party planner!

    1. Thankyou Alison! I would be in my element if I was allowed to plan parties all day every day!

  2. I just found your blog via Alison and WOW on the party! Looks amazing and so much fun! I love your cake pop efforts and the photo booth is a great idea. X bron

    1. Thanks for popping by for a visit Bron. I have joined your blog and had a quick read- it seems we have a few things in common ;)


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