Saturday, 6 October 2012

Campbell is 14!!!

It's not possible that my first born baby boy is already 14!!!! I'm really not sure where the years have gone. I have such clear memories of him being a baby and even a toddler but from about 4 years old onwards it is just a blur of years. It's so sad but so exciting all at once. He is just such a pleasure to be with and he can be quite the gentleman when he is in the mood for it! Daphne certainly got the star treatment today ;) Campbell hosted a Scooby Doo party today and the motivation behind the theme was so that he could get Daphne here. Not long after her arrival he put the question to her....please marry me!! He was so very charming but had forgotten to organise the engagement ring- she suggested he come back to her when he turns 18.
Daphne came with Scooby Doo as well and they were amazing. It was tricky to find them and I was so relieved when I finally came across a party entertainment company who could manage to do a Daphne and Scooby. With a group of kids from a support unit- some of whom struggled with verbal communication- Daphne and Scoobs were fantastic. They made adjustments to suit very situation- including Campbell's request for some Rolf Harris and some wobble board action. Incredibly professional and just so sweet and lovely too. Campbell even got a birthday kiss from Daphne!!
I am so proud of my big boy. He is such a joy and gives us billions of reasons to be proud of him. He was hilariously funny today, he was polite and charming and he was very grateful for his special day.

We made a Scooby wreath to welcome our guests at the door. We can use it again for Halloween with some added bits and pieces.

Mum made Campbell an incredible Scooby Doo cake- isn't she clever!! Thanks Mum xxx

The party tables. We tried to keep everything compact because we had 3 wheelchairs in the room at once.

Check out the gorgeous drink dispenser!! I have been looking around for one of these for ages and resisted the temptation to buy one on ebay for around $100!! I found this one at Winston Hills (around the corner from home) for only $27!! Imagine my excitement. I filled it with 'ghoul juice' for the party.

Milky Way racing cars using Scooby and Shaggy cookies.

We made lots of spooky goodies and some Scooby favourites- jelly with eye balls, pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers with fries, scooby snacks, mini donuts....

Playing hide and seek!!!

Dancing with Scooby and Daphne.

Making Scooby Doo gang hats for those who helped solve the mystery of the missing cake!



  1. Happy birthday Campbell!

    Wow - your parties are always amazing! Well done finding Scooby and Daphne. I think I need you to be my party planner :)

    1. They were awesome Alison!! Best party ever :))))))

  2. Happy birthday to Cambell! Looks amazing Melissa, love your ideas and all the detail! I am thrilled Cambell had such a great time and indeed time just flies once school begins!

    1. Thank you for your frequent comments on my blog Bron :) I love to know that people are reading. It was the best party Bron! All of the boys had a great time and it made me so happy! I also REALLY love planning parties ;)


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