Friday, 19 July 2013

Campbell the STAR!!!

I love visiting the Children's Hospital at Westmead these days. We are met with admiring fans who have all sorts of nice things to say. Just yesterday I was asked by a member of the Orthotics team if Campbell 'ever got angry about anything'. According to her she has never seen him cross or upset about anything at all. I smiled and offered my gratitude. I was bursting with pride and took the moment to feel proud of my teenage son (nearly 15- but let's not discuss that). He knew so many people as we made our way through the corridors, some that I couldn't recall or perhaps had never met myself. They all knew him and were more than happy to stop for a chat and to accept his compliments- because those compliments were in abundance!!
He was so kind and made the effort to comment on new hairstyles, lost weight and 'you look pretty good for your age!!!!!!' When he asked our lovely nurse why she didn't like 'Mary' who happened to be walking past at the time, everyone laughed with good nature, and dismissed it as a Campbell Funny. Goodness knows why he assumed that one workmate didn't like the other- but the awkwardness was quickly passed over.

It is a genuine pleasure to take my Campbell to appointments these days. He now works very hard to try to make polite conversation, interpret reactions and apologise when inappropriate slips out (like...' you look very old for your age don't you?') He is ever so charming and wins smiles where ever we go.
Please rest assured parents of autistic children who are now wondering how you can end up with an equally charming teenager. We have indeed travelled a rocky road to get here, but please know that you are not a bad parent- and don't listen to the people who tell you so.
The scars you have as a result of scratching and biting will fade but be a constant reminder of how far your child has come and the wonderful job you have done in supporting them.
The many tantrums will result in a better awareness of what your child needs and how to avoid triggers.
The wonderful professionals who care for your child have very short memories and are also very forgiving.

He is quite adamant that he will be a doctor one day...or at least offer up our dog Charlie as a companion to sick children. Charlie will most certainly scoff their dinner and poo in the corner, but I am certain that Campbell will make a positive difference to sick kids one day. He would be a wonderful companion, cheering them up and making silly jokes. It is the perfect role for him.
I am so much a better person and mum because of my handsome young man.

Thank you Campbell xxxxxx

PS I still feel guilty about the $5 note we found on the path as we were leaving. Although I did immediately look around to see if anyone had dropped it, Campbell said that we shouldn't have it because it belonged to someone else!! I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it, but Campbell did spend $6 on books later that day- do you think it is fair to call it even???

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The day adventure found us.

While the two big brothers set off with their packed lunches, seeking adventure in the land known as 'MINECRAFT', what can two younger brothers do? Forlorn and dejected after being deemed too young to fend off lava from the erupting volcano, they would just have to hear all about the amazing resorts and roller coasters, that could be found in this unique and distant land, after lunch. What could be done to fill the day? Could there be excitement enough in the confines of the 'Powerhouse' or would they have to venture further afield and explore the underwater abyss, where dugongs frolic and sharks hover overhead???
What great expense would this day amount to- after all adventure of this type cannot come cheap. Fear not my little companions, fun and excitement will find you where you least expect it....

The great walls are available to you in order for you to construct the shelter to protect you from the hoards of screaming toddlers...

Beware!! The walls are known to shrink at sunset.

The dim lighting and those multiplying toddlers eventually resulted in the need for fresh air and sustenance...

A quick escape was sought and found.

Yes, my young thrill seekers, be ever watchful of the nugget stealing Ibis. 
He is both quick and very hungry.

Make a fast getaway, for there is great excitement ahead....

Your outstanding detective work in solving the mystery of the lost girl was met with much gratitude from her gravely concerned Father. However calm and unconcerned she seemed as she wandered the vast grounds of the Kingdom of Darling Harbour, her father was nearing exhaustion after many hurried excursions around the outlying paths. While the Ranger seemed unperturbed with the chain of events, my considerate companions were thoughtful and creative in finding the solution to this problem.

Although the wailing woman sitting in the nearby ponds caused us great alarm, there was less need to panic than we first believed. As she struggled to pull something of great value and importance from the water, all the while screaming and splashing, it was not quite as serious as we feared. It was simply the iPad she had dropped into the swirling (knee deep) depths. Her soaking wet clothes on this winter day would surely raise more concern to her later (when she stopped sobbing and the crowd of fascinated onlookers dispersed).

Who could have thought what excitement our day would bring, and all for the cost of a few picnic boxes of 'happiness' from the renowned McDonald Clan (minus 1 nugget and 2 fries).

The happy reunion with the hyped up big brothers completed our day. Thank goodness for the terribly long journey we faced on our way home or we would have missed the blow by blow descriptions of the amazing things to do and see in this incredible land of 'Minecraft'.

Friday, 12 July 2013

I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

The winter holidays have passed so quickly. It doesn't feel like we have done much, but it has been so lovely to relax and have time together.

Most of the holidays have been spent unpacking boxes of delightful party supplies and then trying to find somewhere to put it all. My fabulous husband has finally kindly started cleaning up the mess in our garage to make room for my new venture. It's slow and frustrating progress but it is starting to take shape.

I made the decision to take the remainder of my long service leave and not return to work this year. I was fortunate to have just enough leave left to see me through to the end of the year on half pay. We are not sure yet what 'half pay' will actually look like on a pay slip, but we have made some changes to our budget in preparation. Hence the need to step up to make some extra income if we are going to keep this roof over our heads. The Big Hearted Business Conference that I went to with my beautiful friend had planted a seed. The seed has sprouted! I have been longing to do something creative, I have been longing to be more present for my family, I have been longing to be able to catch my breathe and slow down the pace for a while. I am hoping that I am creating the opportunity to do all of that.

It was not as easy as it might seem to decide to not go back to my job. I love being a teacher and I find it hard to imagine ever doing anything else. The class I have left was full of the most beautiful little people who were going to fill my heart with joy this year. My boss has been very much inconvenienced and is disappointed- it was VERY hard breaking the news to him. I love the people I work with and I have missed seeing them all every day. But the time I have had to be Mum just cannot compare. The constant feeling of guilt is no longer there. I am just here for them and I even have time to just be me. I had forgotten what it felt like to breathe deeply, to be still, to sleep peacefully. The pace had become all too hectic and there were simply never enough hours to do it all.

I am hopeful. I am excited. I am happy. I am marching to the beat of my own drum.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Martha Stewart joins forces with It's a Date!!

Can you imagine my delight when I opened up my box to discover all of this! 

Oh joy...oh raptures...I am still swooning!!!

I am offering 10% off for the month of July on all of this gorgeous Martha Stewart range. 

I am happy to arrange postage if you are unable to arrange pick-up from Baulkham Hills, NSW.

Do you think I will be able to resist the temptation of making myself a pinwheel and some paper chains tonight???

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Letting go.

I need the garage space for this growing supply of party goodness, but that means project clean-up!

 We have so much junk, as well as lots of precious, sentimental stuff that is hard to let go of. Like these sweet, sweet boots and this gorgeous Elmo suit that Drew picked out especially for his yet to arrive baby brother. The handmade blankets, cardigans & booties are just so beautiful and bring back the memories and that delicious baby smell. But, it is time to let go and make room for new memories and adventures. There may be a few little treasures that I will not be able to part with though- I mean look at how cute those boots are!!!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Time to party!

I have been having some fun today. 
My 'helpers' ensured that the lollies were all up to standard.

You are my sunshine.

Friday, 5 July 2013

It's official!

Well I finally did it. 'It's a Date!' is now a registered business name with an ABN. I am excited and a little bit terrified too.

I haven't got a website up and running yet but I have some stock already and I am just itching to host a party to put it all together. It is all available for your next party and I am eagerly awaiting an opportunity to help someone create their perfect party.

So far this is a sampler of what I have got now:

I love Shmick stuff. The range has lots of colour options and decorating choices. 
I can create a package to suit your theme with these fun and affordable products.

I also have this:
I just love this eco party range. 
How gorgeous are these cardboard lunch boxes for a party in the park or a picnic. I had visions of a  pretty garden party when I put this together but I could easily adapt them to suit a boys party.
A package for 10 people with boxes, napkins, straws, ribbon and cutlery is only $40. 
Pick your colour and style and I can put them together for you. Imagine fairy bread, cupcakes and strawberries inside these super cute mini hampers. 

The bamboo plates and little boats make for a lovely table setting and match up perfectly with the bamboo cutlery and glass bottles. This package includes the plates, bamboo boats, cutlery, napkins and straws and is also $40 for a setting for 10 people. 
The glass bottles can be included for only $1 each to complete the eco packages.

You pick your colour scheme and I will create the package to suit your event.
Additional settings can be added at $4 a set and you can change any of the options to suit your event. 

Here's just a snapshot of the dessert table options. 
A selection of jars can be filled with lollies to match your colour scheme or just your favourites. 
Prices will depend on how many jars and the quantity of lollies needed. 
Cake pops can be styled to suit your theme and only $24 for 1 dozen.

Today I was busy getting these cake pops to a special celebration for a lovely lady but tomorrow I will have time to showcase some more of the gorgeous packages I can offer.

I hope you love it all as much as I do.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Campbell quotes.

While the other men of the house went off to see 'Man of Steel' Campbell and I had the day to hang out together. As usual he gave me many, many opportunities to laugh out loud.

Photo by The Follans

While I was lifting him from the car at one of our destinations today I must have groaned a bit because he immediately said "what's wrong Mum have you hurt your back again?" I told him that I was fine he was just getting so big and grown up and it is a bit tricky to get him in and out of tight parking spots. His typically kind and considerate response: "Well then you should probably go back to the psychiatrist to get that fixed."
Ummmmmmmm...... I am not entirely sure if he meant physiotherapist or if he indeed did mean psychiatrist.

He opted for Yum Cha for lunch and who am I to argue. Unfortunately a woman threatened to smack her child for trying to stand up in his high chair...and Campbell heard her!! Oh yes she did cop a serve. "But he is just a BABY!!!" Campbell declared with disgust. I think he has a valid point.

It also seems that there is a new Librarian at his school and Campbell may have moved in quickly to secure a spot on her 'teacher's pets' list. She has been searching Amazon in order to purchase all of his obscure favourites. When I told him how lovely that was he very casually replied: "Well yeah, I think she has a bit of a soft spot for me actually."

The best bit of all though was his perfectly melodramatic response to the frustrating lack of adequate customer service at Telstra. He did some mighty impressive ranting about how long we had waited, how hopeless they were and how exhausting this all was. Telstra sucks!!! And don't they know it :)

It was an entirely fabulous day with my gorgeous big boy.
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