Sunday, 24 February 2013


Mexican Fiesta was the theme- partying was the game!! Woooohooo.
Hurray, hurray it stopped raining and all we had to worry about was the horrendous humidity. Luckily there was an abundance of children happy to splash/ soak the adults to keep us cool.
Happy Birthday to my gorgeous husband xxxxxx

Cheers to my beautiful friend Kate x

And again with gorgeous Lis xx
The birthday cheese cake- as requested by the birthday boy!

This was not suggested- all her own idea. Love your work Sienna :)

Perfect smile Ronaldo!!

The boy in the bucket. Had to take a photo before we could rescue him!!

Yes I do look tired (and old) next to lovely Sarah- that rain kept me up last night!

Then the rain came! Just in time to sit back and enjoy it :)

The soul survivor. Somehow all of the balloons managed to escape today ;/ 
I wonder how that happened. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Last days of Summer.

We are trying to squeeze in as much as possible into the sunny days & swimming weather. I was also desperate to try out my awesome new fishing rod!! I had hoped that Poppy's reel would bring me luck.....maybe next time.
We had a lovely picnic and had fun building sand castles & splashing in the sun. All while the Kookaburras and cicadas created a chorus around us.
We will miss Summer.

Avocado and smoked salmon sanwiches :)

My lovely hubby bought me a fishing rod for Valentine's Day. He used one of the vintage reels that my beloved Poppy had given him and added it to a very nice new rod. My first ever fishing rod!!! Can't wait to actually catch something with it ;)

Valentine's Day

I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to celebrate the day. A beautiful dinner with my favourite people.

Over the weekend I made some heart shaped cup cakes and popped them in the freezer until Valentine's Day. The boys got one in their lunch boxes and again for dessert- there were also some to wrap up for teachers too.

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