Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Public announcement.

Perhaps there is a need for public re-education on the meaning of this sign. It appears that some people are confused about what this symbol represents when it appears on bathroom doors or parking spaces.

You see that symbol is supposed to represent a person in a wheelchair. It is not a symbol for YOU needing a bit of a break for any of the reasons listed below:

* You are in a hurry/ will only be a minute/ just need to quickly use the ATM/didn't see the sign/there were no other spots.
* You have a whinging toddler and simple can't put up with another tantrum today (come back to me with you have a screaming child with autism who is also in a wheelchair and I'll give you a stiff drink)
* You have totally gorgeous but really uncomfortable shoes on and it is a bit tricky to walk too far.
* You have borrowed a friends/grandparents pass and it's so cool to not have to pay for street parking.
* You or your child were just really busting and the other toilets are full/ dirty/ too squishy/ smelly/ unattractive.

I really could go on and ON and ON... there are some outstanding excuses.

While someone is fluffing about in a disabled bathroom (and boy some people really do a great deal of time consuming fluffing about) somebody with an ACTUAL disability doesn't get there in time and faces the humiliation of needing to be cleaned up and changed.

While you just duck in to use the ATM I will accidentally scratch the side of your car while trying to negotiate a wheelchair with a very narrow space to do it- oppps sorry about that ;) I think I may have also strained my back again too- do you mind paying my physio bill?? You see disabled parking spots are not just placed closest to the door for your convenience but they are significantly wider in order to fit a wheelchair beside the car.

Rant over.

PS Thank you so much to all those lovely people who hold doors open for us, offer to lift the wheelchair into the boot for me, offer to carry our tray, let us get into a full elevator ahead of you, smile and say hello :) You know who you are!!!


  1. Well said - and well done for getting people to offer to lift the wheelchair for you. I've never had anyone offer to help!

    1. Thank you :) The wheelchair lifting has only been offered since the wheelchairs (and Campbell) got bigger and heavier... have you tried excessive grunting, groaning and wincing while you try to lift it??? That could help ;)


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