Sunday, 30 December 2012


The highlight of the trip from Bendigo to Ballarat was our stop off in Daylesford on the way. I am sure this short visit will be a holiday highlight for us all. Not only did I get to shop in the ACTUAL Lark shop after stalking the website regularly for years. Ohhh what bliss to pick things up and look at them from every angle :) I did make a few little purchases- we don't have mush space to lug home too much new stuff and I should probably pace myself. It was a really cold day in Daylesford and we all had to rug up - it felt quite strange in the midst of Summer highs.
We found a funny little coffee shop right next door to Lark, which the boys told me was like a disco inside!! Well it was dark and there was music had an industrial feel with a real record player, playing real records. It was very cool. We sipped on our hot chocolates and tea when the entertainment arrived!!! A rather theatrical gentleman made a point of a grand entrance, demanding coffee. He then proceeded to have a go on the bongo drums near the door. Of course Campbell was delighted by all of this and befriended him immediately. It turns out that this man is Rob (Robby for his true friends, like Campbell) from Daylesford who can be seen on You tube making cornish pasties- we are yet to check it out. After a lovely duet of 'Danny Boy' with Rob whistling while Campbell sang along- it was time for us to see what other delights Daylesford had to offer. Our Campbell finds quirky delights where ever we go! Daylesford had lots of other lovely shops to meander through. Each of the boys found something to spend their Christmas money on.
We arrived in Ballarat late in the afternoon and after setting up camp we quickly realised that it was not worth investing over $100 in a tour of Sovereign Hill with only an hour left of the day. We decided on a bike ride and walk along the canals instead which was lovely. I have been struggling with a shockingly sore neck and shoulder since the last week of term...with Christmas etc etc there was no time to see the chiro before we left. An early night and pain killers were on the agenda for our night in Ballarat- a bit boring but we were all tired anyway.

Rob- the bongo playing, whistling and cornish pasty expert!!


We loved beautiful Bendigo. Despite the gorgeous heritage buildings that have been so perfectly maintained, there was full wheelchair access everywhere. The streets didn't even have gutters to negotiate!
After a quick afternoon look around we realised we would need a whole day to explore. So we booked an extra night.
We saw the Chinese Museum & Gardens first. The boys liked feeding the fish best of all...all that history to learn from & absorb, but the fish won ;)
We discovered a fantastic, huge bookshop that Campbell explored for an age. While Joe and I were waiting outside Joe lost one of his front teeth! Not the first woobly one either- still waiting for the other one to come out.
Of course we had to have Chinese food for lunch before heading to the Discovery Centre on the other side of town. Wow!! That place was the best fun & completely free with our Powerhouse Museum membership. Laying down on the floor to watch the Aurora lights on the ceiling was a much appreciated rest...oh and it was fabulous to see of course ;)
We detoured past Bendigo pottery on our way back to the tent and then took an evening walk to the Botanical Gardens after dinner- yes we really do like to pack as much as possible into every day!!
Bendigo was such a pleasant surprise, with so much to see. No doubt we will be back for a return visit.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

First leg.

We did manage to hit the road on Boxing Day- which we had been hoping for but with high levels of disorganisation we didn't know if we would pull it off. So hurray!! Holidays have officially started.
First stop Yass for a quick lunch of Christmas left overs. If was freezing!!! Campbell had to rug up & the younger boys warmed up in the playground. Our first day was a long one with a section of the Hume Hwy closed we had to detour through Wagga Wagga. We finally collapsed in Wodonga & opted for a motel for the night. We were all too tired to set up camp & still had to sort out some dinner. A swim with the Christmas snorkelling gear completed a full day.
Onwards towards Bendigo today with a stop over at Kid Town in Shepparton for a run around. This place was surprisingly free!!! Totally FREE & lots of fun. There was even a Liberty swing for Cam's wheelchair!
We managed to set up camp in Bendigo with time to roam town. So much to see & do so we have decided to stay an extra night.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas 2012.

Christmas fun over, cleaned up & packed away.... Lets hit the road :)))

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Excitement levels are high. The camper trailer is out and unpacked. Eric is pottering about fixing bits and pieces. The smell of canvas reminds me of the sound of surf crashing in the still of the night, fresh seafood and watching the sunset over the ocean. I am actually more excited about our adventure than Christmas this year.

 Kangaroo Island is on the top of the list. I hope this is what we find when we get there:




Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Party!!

More partying today- my favourite thing to do!!

Special friends, delicious pizza, awesome presents, swimming & summer rain just in time for the dinner that had stretched on from the leisurely lunch- perfect :)))

Christmas party baking- what clever boys :)

Eric's new pizza boards ready to go- I forgot to get photos of all of the beautiful pizzas ready to eat. Thanks to Deb and Sam for all of the pizza oven gear- Eric looked quite the expert today :)
The gluten free pizza bases were just as delicious as the standard 'a la Eric' bases. Hard to pick my favourite toppings but the caramelised onions and buffalo mozzarella were pretty perfect.

Wow those bon- bons were special. Joe (who managed to crack a high proportion of them) is now set up for all sorts of personal grooming. He has snagged nail clippers, tweezers, a nail brush and an eye brow comb!!! Hahaha just what every 6 year old wants. 

Yes Campbell- it is finally time for the presents!!!!!!

Make sure you notice Andrew's reaction in the background- he finally got the new 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' book!!

And then the rains came..... just as we all decided (after our lovely and lengthy afternoon swim) that we might as well finish off the left over pizza and salad for dinner. Not to mention the wealth of delicious fruit and treats- Lis and I are experts at over- catering.

Delightful rain on a scorcher of a day. 


Our gorgeous brood- growing up way too fast!!

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