Saturday, 29 November 2014

Our upside-down summer holidays.

For our family summer holiday this year you won't be seeing this..
Or this....

And most certainly not this...

This year we will be here....
and admiring this (while shivering).

The Date family are heading to the Northern hemisphere for our first big international adventure. It will be freezing (& cheaper than the summer equivalent) and we are excited! 

Watch out Canada! Here we come! 

Hey Vancouver, don't say I didn't warn you, eh!!

We welcome top travel tips & great fun suggestions, especially involving wheelchair access. 

Also please keep your fingers crossed because we have had the passport application process from hell & I'm still not convinced that we will ever be allowed to leave the country :/

Monday, 10 November 2014

Day 17- one more sleep!

Busy, busy, busy today! I wanted time to fly because it really does feel like so much longer than 17 days since you left. 

Joe & I kept busy with a ridiculously tricky 'I Spy' book. You know how he loves that stuff. It's been nice to spend time with him, usually the two of you are as thick as thieves & I rarely get a look in. 

Campbell has continued to do his own thing (books, writing & The Muppets) but he is missing you & asks every night how much longer you'll be away. 

Looking forward to sleep tonight because tomorrow brings you home. 


So full of nervous energy today & I've been watching the clock obsessively. While we are expecting that the bus may not arrive precisely on time- we will be standing there at 4pm waiting! 
I wish I'd been at work today so that I was busy.  Instead I have just dropped Joe at school, picked up some groceries, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned both bathrooms & all 3 toilets, baked a cake, dusted, prepared dinner, did a load of washing, packed away the multitude of toys and books left from one end of the house to another and had too many cups of tea. It's nearly time to leave to pick up Jonas & then we will wait.....

Can't wait to have you home xxxxxxx

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Day 16

We've had a lazy day in the sun today...
Campbell had a very long nanna nap today after a late night and then a very early morning. So we gave him some peace and quiet & wandered over to the dam. Jonas found 7 yabbies and 2 tadpoles!!

As you can see we are doing it pretty tough here at home. Hopefully Coffs Harbour is just as lovely today....yay to the home stretch!!! Only 2 more sleeps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Day 15

Guess where we went today? Yep- our favourite bookshop. As you can see Campbell struggled to fill the $5 crate...

The best bit of visiting our bookshop is that we get to visit with our besties too. It was very odd that you weren't there too. We had a lovely seafood dinner under the Jacaranda tree and later Joe & Oscar were hanging together in Oscar's room- the cool kids!!! I have no doubt he will enjoy telling you all about the secret 'big boys business' they discussed in there ;) 
Only 3 more sleeps xxxxxxxx

Day 14

It was so exciting to hear your voice!!! I am so glad you had a chance to call, however brief it was! You are a man if few words Drew, but all we needed to know was that you were happy, healthy & having fun- and you answered yes to all if the above. 
Unfortunately nobody else was home when you called and of course you asked to talk to Joe as soon as I let you get a word in- I just love how much you boys look after each other. I wonder who you are most excited to see when you get home- I suspect it could be Jonas. He has been quite happy and independent but he will be very excited to see you too! 
Dad & Joe went fishing tonight & enjoyed a tour through someone's house boat while they were down there (I think that they might like to have one too now). 

We hope the weekend flies by so that we can cross off the days before you are home! Travel well gorgeous boy xxxx

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Days 10- 13

It's been pretty uneventful around here this week. Just the usual routine. Apart from the hail storm yesterday afternoon there is nothing much to report- Joe saved you some hail stones & put them in the freezer. 
We have enjoyed a few updates via email & saw a lovely photo of you. If the huge smile on your face is anything to go by, you are having a fantastic time! We are counting down the days close to your return to the mainland!! We will all very excited to see you on Tuesday afternoon. 
Today Campbell asked when you would be home & he said that he missed you. He will be happy to have his kind & helpful brother back under the same roof. 
Jonas has been coping well without your company, but he must be desperate to have his number 1 companion back. He set the table for me last night & he accidentally set a place for you too :) He has been kept very busy making his own dominoes set at school. The pieces have all been cut with a hand saw, which he was very excited to try for the first time. They are so beautiful & he is doing a great job. You will be so proud of him when you see them. 

I have been doing this today: 

Just in case we might need them anytime soon ;) I need your signature before I can do anything more! That sounds rather grown up doesn't it. 

It's going to be quite hard to have another weekend without you, but it is lovely to know that you will be home very soon xxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Day 9

It has been a perfect Spring day. Joe & I took Sean home this morning & dropped into the markets at Bella Vista Farm while we were out & about. Joe found a cute little bird feeder at the markets & couldn't wait to get home to hang it in the trees. 

Campbell was exhausted after a rather challenging week at school (he may have got into a bit of trouble this week!) and actually slept most of the day away. He is obviously a bit tired and emotional at the moment- ahhhh teenagers!!!! 

Dad has been flat out at work this week.....
Do you get it??? Flat out!!!!!

Jonas enjoyed some more time splashing in the paddling pool & chasing butterflies. Even with an indoor pool, sometimes you just want to enjoy splashing around in the sunshine. 

I sat in the sun with Joe while he played & read a new book. He found some tiny cherry tomatoes in the garden for me to snack on while I enjoyed my book. 

We hope you had a fantastic first day on the island. After a week of building up to your arrival, I am sure you were all celebrating!


Day 8

You missed your appointment with the lovely Danelle today (our hairdresser extraordinaire) & no doubt you are going to need a really good haircut when you get home! Campbell was a bit spoiled by Danelle & thoroughly enjoyed a chat while he got his head massage. 

Joe had his mate Sean over for a sleepover & they filled the afternoon with tree climbing & water fights.

Can you spy monkey Joe up there?? 
Then the Lego came out & then it was all about the Lego! 

I hope the island is treating you well & you enjoyed your first day. We have had several updates via email & we are hoping to get your postcard soon. Xxx

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