Friday, 3 May 2013

National Disability Insurance Scheme

My beautiful son Campbell is 14 years old. I am really not sure how he got to be a young man so quickly- it was completely against my will.

I love him so much I think my heart is about to burst out of my chest right now. He is lovely and funny and charming and quite clever. I could not have ever wished for a child who would make me so proud- and then I was blessed with two more!
Campbell has cerebral palsy and he is also autistic. They are the trickiest of his disabilities, but he also has a vision impairment, epilepsy and hydrocephalus (which is managed with a shunt). He is also the first one in our family to speak up when he see an injustice, when he thinks someone is hurt or sad or needs some love. We have faced some very trying times together and he has often found it difficult to express his frustrations. I have had too many times felt like a bad mother and struggled to find the strength to fight the next battle. I feel like I know and understand him now- I know what will upset him before he does. I predict the stresses before they can cause upset. I can read the signs.

I know that there will be plenty of people who will resent the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Many who cannot understand why they should have to pay the bill for something that doesn't even effect them. I do understand that. I resent the fact that I have no choice but to work full-time in order to support my family. That as high as our needs are, with so many hours needed to attend appointments, as well as meet the general family needs, I have to work if we are to pay our bills.

I am not even sure if Campbell will benefit from this scheme, but if he doesn't he does have a loving family who will continue to work to support him.

There are too many people who do not have that.

Please take a moment to watch this.

Speculation is running high about how the National Disability Insurance Scheme will be funded and whether Australia can afford it.
Athlete Kurt Fearnley gave a riveting Australia Day address this year, where he called for urgent action on the NDIS.
Watch and share this video and help us get to 30,000 views before Budget Day on May 14.

If you know Campbell and admire his strength please share it.

Thank you xxx

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  1. I think some people are misinformed or have no knowledge of it at all, which accounts for their distate for the scheme. But for the most part, it is very good option to help reduce the costs of the future medication for those benefiting from it. Anyway, I’m sure that Campbell will benefit from the scheme. Just remember to review their policy so that you could expect the limits. Moreover, make an inquiry if there was something that confuses you to avoid future complications. Stay strong!

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