Friday, 13 April 2012

Birthday spoils :)

What a week! I can't believe it has only been ONE week. I do love to make the absolute most of my precious time- but that was ridiculous!! I am even thinking really hard to remember what I started on Monday.
After a lovely Easter weekend of visitors and visiting it was time to get to work...the list is very long.
So after reading blogs and goggling over pinterest I decided that I had pondered enough and starting pushing furniture away from the walls in the family room. The plan was to start and finish painting the entire family room, including the ceiling before the end of the day. I didn't start until 11am and because it was on a whim I had nothing planned properly. Eric had to make a trip to the paint shop and find all the drop sheets for me- bless him. So I did it! I got it all done and it looks amazing. Nice and clean and crisp and ready for some new accessories. My arms ached and my eyes were stinging by the time I climbed into bed- but I still intended to finish what I started and continue into the kitchen. So I dragged my aching bones out of bed on Tuesday and ticked the kitchen off the list too. It looks so much better. I loved the little microwave nook all white and shiny, and when Eric pointed out how nice it would be with some cookbooks in it, we tested it out. Yep- looks cool. We never use the microwave except for the occasional melting of butter for cooking. With our super organised meal plans working out so well, I never need to defrost stuff in a hurry any more. I think we can find a place for the microwave in the laundry or garage so we can pull it out in an emergency, but I bet we don't.
I have traced around all of the plates I intend to hang on my lovely stretch of white wall and tacked them up to try out a few plans. I keep moving the paper around and I think I have finally settled on the placement I like the best.
On Wednesday I woke up to my darling boys snuggling into bed beside me to wish me a happy birthday. They gave me delicious cuddles and a much prized voucher- signed by them all! I was allowed to look in every single "girly" shops I could find in the Blue Mountains and they promised not to complain or whinge about how long I took. Ha! By Thursday they were already suggesting to Eric that he was a bit silly to have not included an expiration date on the voucher. I did enjoy pottering around some pretty shops but it was more fun to hang out with my boys in our cute little cottage in Katoomba. The owners took such care to recreate the 50's decor to match the original style of the house. They had managed to work around a gorgeously intact kitchen and the bathroom had been modernised with cool 50's flair. We made good use of the record player and their quite diverse collection of records. We ate cheese and played scrabble. We watched movies by fire light and drank hot chocolate with marshmallows. We enjoyed walks in the crisp autumn air and chatted about every possible thing.
It was lovely :)
Home again on Friday and with no time to waste I hit IKEA! I am still not quite sure how I managed to get those flat packs off the shelves and into the car alone- pure determination and pride I think. All that thinking during my forced rest was fantastic- time to plan before diving in to do stuff is a good idea. The house is now looking a bit like a bomb site today but things are coming together- flat packs are becoming furniture.
As soon as Eric and Drew left for soccer this morning I started on Campbell's room. I knew that Eric would try to talk me out of big changes if I didn't act fast. Everything has been repositioned with some grunting and creative strategies for shifting heavy objects single handedly. One last thing to do in there to make his room perfect- hanging a big Union Jack above his bed. Cam loves all things British, and despite his many requests to go to BBC studios in London, he is prepared to settle for a themed bedroom for the moment.
Tonight my bestie and I are getting together to craft. Oh dear- I really hope she knows what she has got herself into. As much as I love the idea of sewing and all that stuff, I am really terrible at it. She is a brave woman and obviously loves me a lot!
Eric just had the greatest idea for the boys room! So fabulous but we will need some time to think it through- if it works you will hear all about it :)

Joe was a clear winner...although there was some discussion about the validity of 'ga'.
Some of the record collection- loved listening to the 'Femmes' on vinyl but forgot about the rude bits!

The plate wall- the lastest layout.
My microwave nook- looking much cheerier now :)

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