Friday, 12 October 2012

Mr Charisma.

Another beautiful photo captured by The Follans.

My Campbell is such a gorgeous boy! I got to spend the day with him today and didn't feel even the slightest bit guilty about taking the day off work do to it (I usually do but I have now decided that my boys deserve to share in my wealth of accumulated sick days). Today was a BOTOX appointment at the Children's Hospital. This was always my chief job before Joe was born and then full- time work came into the picture. Eric, being the ever amazing Dad that he is, has had the job for the past few years. My goodness it is so much easier with a young man who can be reasoned with. He hates the gas mask and he has (with good reason) developed quite a fear and mistrust of hospital procedures- he was lied to fairly frequently from a very young age about what may or may not hurt! He is now in a position to make it very clear to those brandishing needles and other such instruments where they can put them!!! He is also very charming and manages to make friends where ever we go. Our new BOTOX Doctor (who happens to be English) was more than happy to chat about vintage BBC comedy and even knew all of the catch phrases that Campbell kept throwing his way. At the end of the process Campbell politely apologised to everyone- he still resists the gas mask and most certainly felt the needles going in despite all best efforts. They were touched and the lovely Doc gave a very nice speech about how much he enjoys seeing Campbell and that he is such an interesting young man (he did seem quite impressed with the obscure detail Campbell offered up). The best bit of all was my big, long and heartfelt hug from my charming big boy before he left the bed to get back into the wheelchair. Did I well up a little? Shed a little tear? HA!!! Just a little. What a boy! Proud beyond words.

I treated him to an afternoon trip to the shops to spend his birthday vouchers at Westfields. I have no doubt that Parramatta Westfield has the slowest lifts in the entire world- fully expected to be trapped inside the Myers lift until the wee hours of the morning. He spent his Dymocks money promptly and without the usual hours long deliberation- hurrah! An easy in and out trip for us except for some dramas in the lifts- of course this just provided Campbell with the opportunity for a chat with some new friends. By the time we were finally delivered to the car park he had managed to find out that our lift was shared by a mother and son who are Korean and had just bought some flowers for a friend who is feeling under the weather, he has been advised in the dietary preferences of the Korean race, they now understand that he is very upset that his Uncle Gordon passed away recently and that he has two younger brothers (as well as their names, ages and annoying habits). He also managed to squeeze in somewhere in the conversation that he loved me!! Wow- Mr Charisma I tell you! He had formed such firm friends in the time we were trapped within the lift that he was offered some chewing gum. In the time it took this lovely lady to pat my arm and bless me for being Mummy to such a nice young man, Campbell noisily chewed on the gum and then announced that he had swallowed it!!! The doors finally opened on the correct floor and I again took an opportunity to hug my amazing son as I lifted him into the car to take him home.

And yes...I have now welled up and there may be a tear or two rolling down my cheeks....


  1. I can just picture him chatting away in the lift - what a charmer. Do they offer him midazolam for botox? Ashlea always has it and it makes a huge difference.

    See you tomorrow for arvo tea :)

    1. He has always had Midaz before but this time he didn't want it. I actually don't think it made any difference except we didn't have to deal with the Midazolam downer cranky Campbell afterwards. Simon thinks he is a bit more relaxed with it so we will try to make him take it next time.


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