Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday afternoon.

I love Fridays, especially Friday afternoons...and especially, especially Friday night!

Joe was in the mood for a bit of cooking. He pulled out his lovely new Donna Hay cookbook & picked out some favourites.

                                                                 Frogs in the pond!

And thumb print biscuits- he filled the thumb prints with chocolate, sprinkles and frogs..mmmmm.

Campbell didn't waste a second before he got the IPad fired up.

Drew had his guitar lesson- so Joe & I had some cool music to enjoy while we cooked.

What does your Friday afternoon look like? Do you put your feet up & relax of get straight into weekend fun?


  1. I love seeing Joe cook! I also love Cambells body language watching that ipad! Looks likes he's cracking up laughing. I love Friday nights for no homework or school lunches etc! Last night we had uncle Chris over and watched all our holiday movies xx

    1. He is cracking up Bron!! He is watching the Muppets which always cracks him up. I wish I could come over to watch your holiday movies too- I loved every update. Fridays are the best :)


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