Friday, 2 January 2015

Joy in the every day things

We have had lots of time to fill with simple pleasures since Christmas. Eric will be working every day until we leave for our holiday (EVERY day!) So we are hanging around the house to keep him company & making the most of the chance to enjoy pottering about. 
It was so satisfying today to put in a few hours in the garden, it has been a bit neglected in the warmer weather. Organic gardens grow weeds in abundance too! Some massive and forgotten cucumbers were uncovered and lots of produce gathered for dinner. 

All of this suggested lasagne to me :) 

We had onions, chilli, tomatoes, spinach, basil, silverbeet, zucchini, cucumber & lettuce all singing out to be gobbled up! 
Some pasta was rolled out, chunks of mozzarella added to the top, a salad thrown together & deliciousness was born. Such a happy day. 

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