Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lovely :)

What a great day! A morning visit with my Nanna & Poppy, which also meant a visit with my gorgeous Mum. Thank you for my precious pressie xx
I then dropped Drew & Joe at the Follans for a fabulous party day. While they partied I shopped & planned for Joe's upcoming party. I am not really just avoiding the work I should be doing to prepare for term 3!! Party planning is one of my most favorite things & terribly important when it is your first year at big school. Ohhhh I do love pinterest & the scary...oops I mean amazing things that people do. I am so lucky to have a beautiful friend who is a cake making genius!! Deb needs to get a blog happening because she is awesome.
We have a special sleep over tonight for Joe & Jett while the big boys have their party. They have been so cute. They have made some amazing play dough creations, played Lego, played Lego on Wii & created ice cream sundaes. They have been such good boys & it has been very quiet- Joe has been struggling to talk to Jett all night...he is almost there!!
A chat with another gorgeous Deb made my night complete! I really am surrounded by Deborah's/ Debra's who I adore!!
A great day :)
Joe lost a tooth last night. That pesky tooth fairy was running late and didn't arrive until late morning! She really needs to get on top of her job or she will miss out on precious customers!!! Jett is hiding on the top bunk :)

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