Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Ahhhh Sydney traffic- did you wait for us to drive into Sydney to appear? We now have a healthy list of places we would rather live...but will be ever be brave enough to do it? The family and friends thing is a big incentive to stay. As is having access to the services that Campbell needs. We do love coming home but always pine for the 'what if'....

Coming home from holidays is always so hard to do. Having time to rest and have fun with the people I like the best is a tonic. We had such a wonderful time together.

The back to work nightmares started last night. They always return at the end of every holiday and I am very cranky with my sub conscience to butt in 4 days before the end. I really do love what I do and I am excited about getting back to see my gorgeous class, but the nightmares are always about having to much to get done and never enough time. Or about the stuff I have forgotten to do because I was too busy doing other stuff. Yet again I have vowed to manage my time more efficiently. To be more present for my children, to be a caring and fun teacher, to be the wife my husband married. I have finally accepted that it is simply not possible to do it all and do it all perfectly. All I am aiming for now is to get through the necessities with time left to have fun. That's achievable!!

So while I ignore the work stuff I could be doing... Joe and I have started to plan a party!!! Getting my shy boy to invite people is always the tricky bit ;)
I have started to hang my plates- the project that has remained stagnant forever!
Eric has also started the deck extension project- thanks again to youtube (what would we do without it). With all of that to look forward to I hope my sub conscience will relax a bit and leave me in peace so I can enjoy my last few days with my boys.

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