Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekend treats and party planning joy.

It was a challenging week! I am finally feeling well again but the challenge of keeping the balls in the air is trying at the best of times. There has been a lot of reflection this week and I am feeling brighter as a result. Of course that is Sunday afternoon Melissa speaking...Monday morning Melissa may have a different outlook ;)

Things certainly took a turn in the right direction with my lovely mum spoiling me the way she does. After another great appointment with Joe and the play therapist in the morning, Mum booked us in for a lovely hair and pedi/mani appointment together - the head and neck massage that came with it may have been key to my mood lift.  I am so grateful for the sweet things she does to make me take some time out for myself and getting to enjoy it with her is a bonus. She decided that Eric and I needed a date night to make the most of my tidy hair and nails- spoilt, spoilt, spoilt!!
We headed for our close and easy option at Lakeside and ate beyond our fill. We loved our shared entree but neither of us enjoyed our mains much. Crispy skinned duck should be crispy!!!! Tried, tested, failed. Plenty of other restaurants to try out and with such infrequent visits we won't run out of options any time soon :)
Mum even let us borrow 'The Hunger Games' on DVD- woohooo! I have read all of the books and seen the movie but Eric hadn't done either. I knew he would love it and now he is all set to start reading tonight. It was a completely lovely day from beginning to end.

Then today mother nature turned on the sunshine and everything felt cheerful! The original plan was to use the movie tickets that Eric won for his Luigi costume, but there was nothing exciting and family friendly to see.

Eric as Luigi and Campbell as Dr Upton (from 'Doctor in the House' BBC comedy). You may have noticed that Campbell is a bit into obscure BBC comedy at the moment ;)

We will hold onto the tickets and wait for the holidays. So we had a fun Mexican lunch in sunshine at Rouse Hill and we finally convinced Campbell that a 'Steptoe and Son' (BBC comedy) party for his 14th Birthday may not appeal to any other 14 year olds (or any age for that matter). Over lunch we nutted out some ideas, the conversation kept coming back to Steptoe and Son until Campbell set to charming the waitress and asked her if she was Daphne from Scooby Doo. He has a 'thing' for Daphne since she joined us at lunch when we were at movie world. He has decided that she is the one for him!!!  Hurray, hurrah Campbell had a brainwave. He could have a Scooby Doo party and invite Daphne...hmmmm we have agreed to run with the theme but not sure about how we will get the Scooby Doo gang to join us. I am confident that I could pass as a quite reasonable Velma but that's not going to cut it. I am delighted :) I have pinned like crazy and created the invitations this afternoon. I do so love a party to plan. 
Joe having a go at his first word search- he did so well.
"So we can dress up at Steptoe and son- you can be Albert and I will be Harold"


  1. Sounds lovely - I trust you made it home from the shops without incident :)

    1. Hahahaha- I forgot to mention that Joe got a bit carried away with the nachos and was threatening a vomit disaster!! We made it home without incident :) ahhhhhh... good weekend all round!! Did you enjoy your shopping venture too?

    2. Yes - enjoyed my little escape. Glad the nachos didn't reappear on the trip home :)


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