Saturday, 29 September 2012

Where did the week go?

Time is flying! One week already over and what do we have to show for it?
Here's a quick overview....

Joe got a new bedroom :) Andrew had been very patient with him and din't rush him at all. The trigger was allowing Joe to decorate it himself. He sat with me and pinned stuff first and then we looked through magazines and catalogues. He has done a great job!! We hacked an IKEA bunk rather than buy a loft bed for his tiny room.The lofts were so, so high and he is still pretty short! There is plenty of room under the top bunk to read and play.

Even Joe got to work with the post- IKEA construction.

Almost complete- still deciding on the fabric for the curtains and bookshelves (IKEA spice racks) are not up yet.

Joe's cafe is the latest fad since he set up his writing centre.

We covered some cheap baking trays in fabric to make some little magnetic boards. 

We are almost done in there. A few more finishing touches to do. I'd like to paint his bed but not sure that I'll get around to it these holidays.

Andrew is loving his own space. That room had NEVER been so tidy- Drew loves having everything ordered and organised. We hacked his bed too so that we could fit the sofa bed in somewhere. It used to be in the 'spare room/ sewing room/ study/ dumping ground' which has become Joe's lovely sunny room.

We have also been planning for Campbell's party and gathering together bits and pieces. He is very excited and he will love the collection of 'Dad's Army' stuff we found on ebay- any 14 year old boy would be!!!!

Lots of time spent at the chiropractor for me. My neck is still stiff but the pain is a lot more manageable. I am so relieved that I have had the time to rest and mend my broken body. The last few weeks have been physically and emotionally exhausting for many reasons and I just starting to feel on top of things again- another week might do the trick. Time with my boys is the best tonic of all :)

A thrown together picnic lunch on a beautful sunshiney day.
Pretending that we are really on holidays in an exotic destination- if you squint a bit you don't even notice the broken lanterns and the greenish tinge to the pool. 

Campbell suggested chocolate fondue for dessert one night. Sure!!! It's holidays :) Check out the size of the marshmallows! They were one of those bizarre one off items in Aldi.

Hmmmmm yummy!


  1. I have serious deck envy - it does look like a holiday destination out there!

    Glad you got to the chiropractor - hope you feel even better after another week of holidays.

    1. It's all about appreciating the little things isn't it. Going away on a camping trip with a frozen neck wasn't appealing. Hopefully we can enjoy a cup of coffee on the deck soon.


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