Sunday, 8 September 2013

Snap shot!

This week I have been thinking of that episode of 'The Office' when Jim and Pam get married. The one where they take a snap shot of special moments.... without a camera. They just stop and notice the moment so that it is not forgotten. Do you know those precious moments that you realise are special and want to always remember, but you can't capture an image of it? Or maybe you don't want to. Pausing the moment to take the photo spoils it, or maybe it is just that you have realised that the moment has passed but you know it is one you will never forget. I had a moment like that today. In fact I had every intention of getting a photo, but we got caught up in the moment.

I actually have lots of them, as I am sure you do too. Those moments in time that seem to linger in your memories and dreams. They are significant but we don't always understand why. I have beautiful photos of Christmas day, but none of the time I tricked my sister and told her it was Christmas morning when in fact it was not even close to December. She bounded out of bed to rejoice in her spoils and them thumped me with fury. That memory sticks (with guilt) just as much as the memory of filling the blow-up boat with jelly fish in the bay at Nanna and Poppy's house, and the first time I saw my future husband, and my first day of school, and my little sister Kate waited at the front door calling my name with excitement, the ivy growing on the brick exterior of a church, and hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon after school. Some memories just seem to be a snap shot moment even without the photo. I do try to take a snap shot of the things I love in my day, even without the camera. Some stick, however random, and some will fade and be forgotten.
Today I have an image of a beautiful smile, a cup of peppermint tea and the memory of a moment with a kindred spirit- I know that is a snap shot that is going to stick.

P.S. Sorry about that fake Christmas Kylie xxxxx

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