Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Advent

This year we got this advent calendar from Kikki K:

My sister, being a sticky beak like she is, enjoys keeping up with her much loved nephews and has been requesting daily advent updates. So I will update the blog every day just for you Auntie Kylie xx

Day 1: the grand unveiling! The first gift to unwrap was our usual supermarket chocolate calendar. 

Day 2: a box of candy canes to hang on the tree. 

Day 3: a box of Christmas roll-ups for lunch box treats. No photo since we only thought to start taking them on day 4.

Day 4: Christmas cookies!!

Day 5: a box of chalk with instructions to decorate the driveway with Christmas designs. 

Day 6: a packet of popcorn to enjoy with movie night- Joe picked 'The Crocodile Hunter' 

Day 7: packets of jelly to make & then enjoy later for dessert

Day 8: a toy for our dog Charlie

Day 9: Tim tams!!!!

Day 10: hot chocolate :) with a Tim tam from yesterday dropped in- nice work Joe!!

Day 11: craft gift bags to decorate & fill with treats for a friend.

Day 12: ice- cream sundaes.

Day 13: a box of sparklers

Day 14: outdoor movie night to celebrate Drew's birthday.

Day 15: a day of playing board games

Day 16: Christmas M&Ms

Day 17: kids pick dinner- tacos it is :)

Day 18: end of school = seafood feast for dinner

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