Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I have joined this challenge!!


Only because I thought it was a lovely, happy thing to do every day. I thought I might update the blog weekly with the pics I put on Instagram.

Here are days 1- 7:

Day 1:
A quiet moment for a coffee by the fig tree in the autumn sunshine.

Day 2: 
The joy that packaging up a party in a box brings. 

Day 3:
These confetti balloon have been going strong for weeks now!

Day 4:
A quiet day with my biggest boy included a little bit of pampering with our favourite hairdresser. 

Day 5:
A lazy morning with tea & magazines.

Day 6:
A beautiful bouquet from my beautiful baby boy. 

Day 7:
We now have two future rock stars in the family. 

What a lovely way to reflect on some lovely moments of joy amongst our frantic packing in readiness for a new house- I needed that!! 

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