Friday, 9 December 2011

Getting organised.

The camp kitchen is now attached to the trailer and loaded up with everything we will need. We bought a fridge/ freezer today too. We have managed without one before but figured that the long stretches between supermarkets, as well as the heat, might get the better of us this trip. I had a bitter- sweet victory with our bargain. The ad in the catalogue offered a bonus pack with 'all WAECO fridge/ freezers'. The store manager argued that the offer was only available for one particular fridge- which didn't have the 3 way power we wanted. I was so disappointed and showed her the ad. She very reluctantly gave us the bonus pack. She was so rude and cranky about it that it was a little bit hard to enjoy our victory. Once we got home and opened up our bonus car fridge, camp chair, fridge stand, torch, air- conditioned car seat (LOL) and BBQ set, we were able to smile :)
We are all hoping that Santa is on the ball this year and brings presents that we can take along with us, and help us beat the boredom of long road trips. 
Steven and Janet have kindly let us borrow their portable kitchen sink- so that means we officially have it all. Woooohoooooo!


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