Thursday, 29 December 2011


Our plan today was to get to Port Augusta, however, when saw Port Augusta we decided to drive on at bit further. It looked pretty ordinary and as we drove into one of the caravan parks there was a car parked with quite a bit of very visible action going on inside!!! We are very glad we decided to spare the boys that experience! We have a site that overlooks the ocean and the tide is out at the moment so the boys are exploring the sand flats. We have the most divine view and lovely ocean breeze. The temperature hit 38 today so we are very grateful for the cool winds. We saw some spectacular views on the road today. The massive salt lakes looked incredible in the middle of outback scrub. Driving into Port Augusta there was the Flinders Ranges on one side of the road and turquoise ocean on the other- the photos do not do it justice at all. It felt like an easy day of driving today. The stop for lunch and a swim at Port Pirie helped break up the driving. The boys are begging to stay here another is very tempting :)
Port Pirie for a picnic lunch.
The tide is out!!
The perfect camp site!

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