Monday, 26 December 2011

Sunny Mildura

We arrived in Mildura at lunchtime and enjoyed our easy day of driving. The highlight was spotting a paddock full of emus in the middle of outback nothingness. We will have to google the collective noun for emus. Jonas was especially excited and can't wait to get to the desert. We had a morning tea break with Elissa's yummy Brownies and a cup of tea from Lisa's survival kit. Campbell couldn't wait to get his hands on a Victorian TV Week...but then realized it is exactly the same as his Sydney copy- he has high hopes for the SA addition :/
We all enjoyed an afternoon swim and are chilling out with some games. So far Joe has won a game of Cuponk and we are now having a game of Celebrity Head before dinner.
We have booked ahead for 2 nights in Adelaide and can't wait for a swim in the ocean and some fresh fish- do you hear me boys? Get the fishing rods ready!

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