Saturday, 19 May 2012

Be Present!

It has been a tough week. I have felt completely overwhelmed since Monday and I am so relieved to say that the week is now over. Will I ever learn that I simply cannot do everything perfectly? Probably not. Anyway I survived the week and thoroughly enjoyed being present when I could this week. At swimming lessons this week I made sure that I caught the boys eyes when they finished their laps and gave them a thumbs up and a smile. It really was so lovely today to soak up the sunshine while watching Drew play soccer. I also got to watch some of my school kids play and chat with them after their game. I loved the cute little tug on my leg and beautiful smile from little Sienna- that smile can brighten up the darkest night! We made friends with a little sweetie who wanted to hang out with us and chat- what a funny little character she was. All this and Drew won his game and more importantly played well and with integrity. 
After sunning ourselves all morning we set out to finally find the solution to our freezing cold house. I have refused to add to our electricity usage for the past 4 years. Insulating the house did help a bit but we still needed many layers and blankets to keep the icicles at bay. After much deliberation, questioning and research we made a decision! That holiday to Katoomba played an important role in our research ;) We decided on a metho heater! 
I looks sleek and neat but casts that sweet, warm glow. Ahhhh can't wait to sit down with a glass of wine, some fancy cheese and my gorgeous husband to enjoy the glow when the boys are in bed.
Happy days! Stress levels set aside for Monday and the weekend is mine to enjoy.
My Nanna is on the mend and is getting back into being herself. Such a big relief to know that she has maintained that determination that has always kept her going through the tough times.
I have been very spoilt this week with lots of love and kind words from dear friends who could see me struggling to keep on top of my crazy, busy week. Thankyou so much for the chocolate (kept me going until Friday afternoon) the divine flowers and the heartfelt words and cards. My goodness you have all been so precious and supportive and I was only tired and worn out- what a wonderful help you would all be if there was something seriously wrong!!
I was just interrupted by a skype call which has widened my smile tonight. What a lovely day all round. I can't wait to get my hands on the beautiful beflowered tea cozy for our Sunday morning tea and papers. Ohhh what a gorgeous addition to a winter morning.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring :) Now I am off to bask in the flickering glow of my new heater....


  1. WOW, my metho heater when I was kid never looked like that, does it warm the room. I am reading your blog backwards and see that you have ended up sick. You should read your blog backward too honey, and see what an impossible task you set yourself each week, and that does not include the energy you give to your individual children!
    Did you know the time within each day is finite??

  2. Thankyou Deb. I am very grateful for your encouraging words. I do know that time is finite...I continue to struggle with that. The heater is fabulous and looks lovely too :)


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