Sunday, 27 May 2012

Oh what a week!

Already struggling to remember all of the events of this week. I guess it is best to just recall the highlights anyway :)
Our very precious friends visited from Canberra!!! Flynn had to have some follow up surgery- minor we are glad to say. But stressful for him non the less. It is always good to see my dear friend Lisa too- we know each other so well. We have so little time together these days but nothing will ever change the fact that we have faced the same fears, joys and triumphs, and will face and share the same issues in the future. Lisa was terribly naughty and sneaky though and managed to pay for our dinner. I am still reeling from the fact that I ate PORK!! Ewwwwww still squeamish thinking about it. It's not that I can't, but I just don't like the idea. Yuck!!! It certainly didn't kill me, although poor Eric was up through the night vomiting. He swears that he will never eat Chinese food or drink Baileys again- how sad...tragic even!!! He is still struggling to overcome aching limbs and a sore head. The fabulous Chinese food is not to blame- the rest of us are perfectly fine. Thank goodness! All I could think about at 1am, while poor Eric chucked his guts up, was that we all had food poisoning and that Flynn would miss surgery! I missed sleep over it...but also comforted my poor, sickly husband too ;) I had even decided that the evil pork was to blame :)
What a lovely distraction in our busy week. I obviously could not even consider writing reports while we had fabulous house guests! This week has been no different from any other, but listing the things I do in a day may have been a bad idea. It has just drawn attention to the fact that I am a poor manager of time and I am clearly no good at organising myself. It's silly that I try to fit so much into one day, week, month...why do I do that??
I shall ponder that when I have bit more time ;)
So our weekend...
Campbell wanted to give respite another try. Despite our reluctance at him going in the first place- he hassled. He liked the first visit with his school mates, but the second one was less successful. This time, however, he was blissfully oblivious to how lost we feel without him, and how guilty we feel about sending him off to something called respite! We have decided, as a family, to call it CAMP instead. Respite sounds like somebody wants to get away from somebody else. None of us actually feel that way, but we do all enjoy an opportunity to enjoy our own interests.
That means that Campbell go to watch Pay TV as much as he likes, go shopping to buy new books, to go to the arcade to play 'Deal or no Deal' (without me over his shoulder telling him that he shouldn't take the first deal) and most importantly time with his school friends.
The rest of the family do the stuff that Cams really dislikes...visiting Museums, going to the movies (too loud and boring apparently) and staying up late. So we tried to fit in as much as we could.
We watched Drew play soccer - he played well! We then drove into the city to see the Narnia Exhibition at the Powerhouse- I bought us a family membership so that we could visit as much as we like. This also means that we have free entry to lots of other great venues- particularly in Canberra- watch out Robbo's!!!
From there we made a mad dash to see 'The Avenger's' in 3D in George St. Drew and Joe have been desperate to see it, but Campbell couldn't think of anything worse. In fact, I was a bit reluctant too, but it was fun after all. I like Hulk best :)

Next we walked down to Circular Quay for 'Vivid'. It was fantastic! Loved it all and there was a fun vibe in the air. The screaming wall should be something we remember for many years to come! After soaking up the Opera House awesomeness we found a water taxi back to Darling Harbour. Yes this day did cost us a bomb! Despite free entry to the Powerhouse, the parking, movies and water taxi was a small fortune!

We got back to Darling Harbour in time for a Lindt hot chocolate before the 8.30pm fireworks. What an amazing finale!

We packed heaps into one day and it was such a great day. The best of it was that Cams was having a ball with his mates. He was so sweet and charming on the phone, thanking me for the treats I hid in his bag. He is so grown up now with his deep voice (although the deep bit is a little unpredictable at the moment).  He loved his time away and can't wait to go back- even though Eric was quick to suggest that one night away is enough, and I was quick to agree. We were mean enough to not let him go to year 7 camp this year, so we should probably try to relax about his Northcott 'camps'...we are working on it!!
Today was more soccer, and then a trip to the shops for essentials like bread, milk........ Clarins moisturisers and European pillow covers to match our quilt cover (they were on sale and I didn't buy them in the first place because it felt a bit indulgent) Although it was a bit early, we all agreed that we should go and get Campbell. He was a bit disappointed that we were so early and that he was the first to go home....but he will just have to be flexible while we all get used to this whole CAMP thing.
The afternoon was ours to enjoy home before the start of an inevitably busy week. That meant Pumpkin soup, time on the wii, 'On the buses' and catching up on 'Offspring'. Ahhh lovely to have time to breathe, but that just means more to face tomorrow! Looking forward to 'Eurovision' tonight- wow another obstacle in my reports path. I should probably just surrender...reports WILL get done like they always do and I will be cursing 'weekend me' during the week..
Thankyou for reading my blog! I only have a few followers but the statistics show that many more are reading...for whatever reason. My Adelaide blog seems to get a huge number of hits??? I love writing and find it very cathartic at the end of each busy week. I am pleased that somebody reads it, even if they don't officially follow. I appreciate your interest.

Drew taking time to enjoy his Bass this afternoon :)


  1. I always read Melissa!! It makes me feel that I'm almost writing a blog post of my own except I'm too busy reading others. Ha ha
    I like the idea of a museum pass!! Especially since we're off to Canberra next weekend. I always love visiting Questacon when I'm there.
    Keep writing. You're very readable and gorgeous too of course. : )

  2. Angie bless you xxx I love reading yours just as much.
    Questacon is free with Powerhouse membership- get online and check it out because they will do a search for you even before your card arrives. I hope you have a great time in the ACT!

  3. What a fabulous weekend you all had. I am so happy that Campbell more easily forgave Camp staff and wanted to give it another go. A very healthy adolescent approach to life, get away from mum and dad for a while!!
    The vivid experience looks fabulous, was there light shows to music as well? Did they do any 3D light shows where the buildings change into things like robots and rainfall etc?
    Glad you all had a great time. xxx

  4. Thanks Deb- we had a great time and Campbell was thrilled that we did all the 'boring' stuff while he had fun with his friends. Vivid was great- you'd have loved it! Lots of different transformations. I think you would have loved Customs House's clockwork.


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