Sunday, 6 May 2012

Positive thinking :)

This weekend has been full of socialising and creativity- perfect!
I am over being a big, fat whinger and decided that it is just not worth letting the crazy, busy life we live get me down. I am going to make the most of it and recognise that I do actually like to keep busy- so moving on and getting over myself.
It was lovely to see very special friends this weekend and visiting a favourite place- Warragamba. Funny old Warra- it changes, but not really. Some of the shops have changed hands or moved up the road (same shop different address) but it is still the same old friendly little town. Even after moving away 4 years ago we saw familiar cars and familiar faces driving them- I recognised the number plates as they drove by. I miss that. It was a bit sad to realise that our old house is back on the market. I checked it out online and our renos are still looking very current and haven't dated at all (and advertised as new!!!) We did the kitchen and bathroom 5 years ago ;) How proud we felt...but mostly sad. Our beloved first house that we bought so that Campbell had a real home to welcome him from his long stay in hospital.

I had some fun with the sewing machine again yesterday and had a go at not only a zipper but also a press stud! Yay me :) Very basic I know but I was excited and pleased that I had fun while sitting at a sewing machine- who'd have thought....

Just look at the treasures I found in Nanna's sewing box when I finally got to sorting it out.

We had a wonderful day in the sun today to celebrate a 1st Birthday- I always feel very special to be included in big events like that. Campbell was his very charming self, chatting up lovely ladies and kissing babies. A career in politics may on the cards for our boy!! I had to try to keep the brakes locked on that wheelchair or he'd have happily done the rounds at the whole Ettamogah! Thankyou to our lovely friends for a wonderful day.

On top of this lovely weekend of rest and relaxation, I yet again realise that am blessed with some very special friends. Friends who constantly remind me of the wonderful things I have to be grateful for. Friends who allow me to lean on their shoulder when I need to. Friends who sweep me up in exciting news and wonderful events. Friends who love me for all my faults, insecurities and bad days. Friends who send me the most divine flowers unexpectedly, just to remind me of the things I should be grateful for. I know how lucky and I am, but thank you friends for reminding of the many, many reasons I have to feel lucky.

Lucky me :)


  1. I still am not very good at zippers. And what treasures!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement with my little endeavours :) Now you know why I felt completely swamped today- too busy doing fun stuff ;) A few more hours in the day is all I need!!


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