Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas planning!

My Jonas is my little carbon copy.
As soon as I walked in the door this afternoon (completely drained and exhausted- I wish I was exaggerating) he said "lets go Christmas shopping!"
So we bought a brand new tree and a few little treats- shopping when exhausted is great soul food by the way.
He then opted out of his bedtime story to make a list!!!! I promise I did not suggest this- he may have seen me make a list or two in the past though.
He insisted on writing it himself and also insisted that it should have 10 points!!! (see why I call him my carbon copy).
So here it is:
1. pick a spot (for the tree)
2. get some lights
3. get the stockings
4. set up the tree
5. get some stuff (hmmmm that could be expensive)
6. get some decorations
7. get some food
8. cuddle up together (this was also discussed as part of a christmas movie night and the afore mention food may be included)
9. decorate the tree
10. open the presents (he had tried to incorporate this in from point 3 onwards)

Ahhhh what a boy! So proud of his determination to write the list himself- I wasn't allowed to help! I have adjusted some of the spelling though.... stuff was 'staf' and lights were 'lits'. He is my little party planning side-kick. Hurray to that.
He picked out a pretty awesome new tree too- it has lights attached. The old one went in the bin last year after I spent so much time sneezing that it took an extra hour to get it up.
Joe and I can't wait to get it all set up.....and to some more very necessary shopping that is bound to follow.


  1. So cute! We are waiting until December 1st to set ours up but the girls keep asking me how many days? How many days???

  2. Sounds wonderful all that planning together. We are doing so much craft it's crazy! Funnily enough due to my online shopping addiction which negates the need to step foot in a shopping centre I miss out on the hype!

    1. LOL- used to do it all online too but got a bit sick of things that did not arrive because they ran out of stock or things that were disappointing when I saw them. I do a bit of both now in order to meet Campbell's very ambiguous interests. I was so, so excited to find a huge Monty Python book in Big W a few weeks ago- he is going to be so happy!!!!


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