Sunday, 2 December 2012

Panic! Panic! Panic!

I am the absolute master of the unnecessary panic! Is it any wonder that anxiety runs in the family? The very thought of getting to St. Leonards by 4pm in two separate car loads from separate destinations caused me quite a bit of panic. It turns out that I was there by 3:30 & the remainder of the family met me before I even had a chance to get a coffee. Panic!!!! Who was in a panic? I admit that it may also the general stress that exacerbated the panic. My doctor informed me that I am in the 'extreme' range on the stessermator (well it was just a form she completed actually). So I will blame that on my irrational panic. Although the fact that Joe's appointments this fortnight have cost us $440- (not including the $40 in parking charges & the cost of 2 missed but paid for swimming lessons) does make me get that hot & tetchy feeling. I had better not even remind myself that it is costing me $55 in Chiro appointments each week now that I have exhausted the health insurance allocation.... Goodness my neck just tightened up a notch thinking about it.
So the good news is that Joe was fabulous at the Selective Mutism Clinic today. He was willing to talk to me out loud while the therapist sat outside with the door open. It took a few trials to get to that point but he did get there. I am so proud of him! I could see the colour rise in his cheeks, his tummy was gurgling the whole time & there was a desperate dash to the toilet while we were waiting to go in. Suddenly my unnecessary panic sounds so pathetic compared to my brave boy who pushed through his panic today.
Besides Jonas' brilliance today I got the best present in the world from the sweetest little girl. It is just about perfect...actually it is perfect because it came with a beautiful letter. How's that for a stress eliminator?


  1. Wow - well done Joe - that is fantastic!!

    1. He is fantastic!! I am just waiting for this flight or fight sensation in me to disappear. Do your children cause you the same level of worry and stress...or is just me?


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