Saturday, 3 November 2012

Smile :)

It has been a big week!

Lots of things have made me smile.

The bananas growing in the corner of our garden. 
If I squint and ignore the barking dog I feel like I am on a tropical holiday.

A gifted snooker table. The garage will soon be the boys party room :)

Swimming weather.

Halloween laughter and excitement.

A game of UNO that got just a little bit out of control :)

A pool party with our dearest friends.

Which also included a visit to Campbell's favourite second- hand bookshop! The huge pile of books and comics cost us $4 and got me a kiss from the salesman ;) 
Grant wanted to know how much the books would've cost without the kiss!

I am so in love with my bee hive drink dispenser. Even more in love with the fact that it cost me less than $30. Can't wait to fill it up with Sangria for our next vistors.

Ahhh the love between a boy and his dog. 
We shall just ignore the dirt all over my day bed that the afore mentioned dog may be responsible for.

Wobbly teeth- ewwww look at the angle that thing is hanging at.

What made you smile this week????


  1. Lovely pics - our neighbours have bananas but they don't look anywhere near as good as yours!

    PS I'd pull that tooth :)

    1. Well Alison those bananas are yummy too! We tried them today. Plenty more for afternoon snacks too :)


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