Saturday, 1 June 2013

Oh no! I'm not really I?

I used to roll my eyes (very discretely) at those mothers who moaned about their teenage children not appreciating how cool they actually are. When they described their attempts at relating to their children in a really hip & groovy way my eyes really did had a mind of their own- they were rolling against my will!
Well evidently I have become one of those mothers...oh bugger!!! I just said 'evidently' that's just further proof of my lameness :/
No matter how irresistible it is to rock on with Drew while is he playing AC/DC on his bass guitar- it is not OK to dance! I attempt a really cool foot tapping & hand clapping thing....nup!
Is subtle head nodding OK? Nooooo! It's embarrassing!
But I am a really cool Mum! I always knew I would be! How did this happen?
He does let me 'rock on' with him sometimes & tries not to enjoy it too much (REALLY he actually loves my super cool grooving).

This beautiful boy has been perfect since he was a mere dream. After Campbell's very early arrival we were so excited about every single day beyond that 25 week mark. I love being pregnant & was enormously grateful for my growing belly. I did not give stretch marks a single thought, couldn't care less about weight gain and wouldn't dream of complaining about how tough it was getting to full- term. When I was a week over due right before Christmas I just busied myself with an abundance of hand made Christmas cards.
When my precious boy decided to arrive he was apparently a text book example. I had been dilating all week (rocking back and forth while making Christmas cards to get through the back pain). I woke through the night with intense pain & didn't have any doubt that I was in labour. By the time my Mum arrived it was intense. People claim that I even said the radio in the car was too loud & painful. I am very quiet while I am in pain. I don't like to talk & don't much like people talking to me.
The whole experience honestly was beautiful. He was overdue, perfectly healthy & doing everything right. It really hurt and all that...but it was perfect! He arrived quickly and without complications- he is and always has been a blessing.
I was smiling so much for days after he arrived that everyone thought I was a bit deranged...even my beloved husband. I loved him even more than I even thought possible. I loved Campbell with an even bigger heart & I was desperate to get home in time to share Christmas morning with him. I loved this precious babe in my arms so fiercely that nothing was ever going to cause him harm- ever!!!!

And I adore him still, even though he thinks I am lame. I forgive him for his eye rolls because he is the sweetest, most loving boy I could ever have dreamt up.

We all know that he has it wrong- of course I am cool.


  1. How beautiful x I am not at the embarrassing stage as yet but will be soon enough! I can feel it in my heart that love and pure joy for the second child who enables much healing from the first xx

  2. Ohh Bron- you brought a tear to me eye. I have so much more to say about the joy of that second pregnancy and birth- perhaps I will tomorrow :)

  3. Just think, I'm going to be in my 50's when Zara and Christian turn 15 lol. Hopefully, I will still be a cool and hip mum! :)
    You're an amazing mum, and if I can manage to be half the mum you are, I will be happy xxx

    1. Oh Nic!!! You are too, too gorgeous. Your gorgeous twins could not have been luckier with their lovely Mum...but yes they probably will think you are lame at some point. I think they get over it and realise that we are the most awesome, cool people they know. Don't you think???

    2. Aww thanks. xx I belivee they will think we're too cool for school! :) And if they don't, they're missing out on our awesomeness hehe ;)

  4. Replies
    1. I think the rules are that fellow mums have to back each other up. Thanks for your support sister- we are soooo cool!

  5. You are totally Cool Melissa - all us mums are. The kids will realise it in about another 20 - 30 years ;) xx

    1. Thanks for confirming what I know is true Sonia xx


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