Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The day adventure found us.

While the two big brothers set off with their packed lunches, seeking adventure in the land known as 'MINECRAFT', what can two younger brothers do? Forlorn and dejected after being deemed too young to fend off lava from the erupting volcano, they would just have to hear all about the amazing resorts and roller coasters, that could be found in this unique and distant land, after lunch. What could be done to fill the day? Could there be excitement enough in the confines of the 'Powerhouse' or would they have to venture further afield and explore the underwater abyss, where dugongs frolic and sharks hover overhead???
What great expense would this day amount to- after all adventure of this type cannot come cheap. Fear not my little companions, fun and excitement will find you where you least expect it....

The great walls are available to you in order for you to construct the shelter to protect you from the hoards of screaming toddlers...

Beware!! The walls are known to shrink at sunset.

The dim lighting and those multiplying toddlers eventually resulted in the need for fresh air and sustenance...

A quick escape was sought and found.

Yes, my young thrill seekers, be ever watchful of the nugget stealing Ibis. 
He is both quick and very hungry.

Make a fast getaway, for there is great excitement ahead....

Your outstanding detective work in solving the mystery of the lost girl was met with much gratitude from her gravely concerned Father. However calm and unconcerned she seemed as she wandered the vast grounds of the Kingdom of Darling Harbour, her father was nearing exhaustion after many hurried excursions around the outlying paths. While the Ranger seemed unperturbed with the chain of events, my considerate companions were thoughtful and creative in finding the solution to this problem.

Although the wailing woman sitting in the nearby ponds caused us great alarm, there was less need to panic than we first believed. As she struggled to pull something of great value and importance from the water, all the while screaming and splashing, it was not quite as serious as we feared. It was simply the iPad she had dropped into the swirling (knee deep) depths. Her soaking wet clothes on this winter day would surely raise more concern to her later (when she stopped sobbing and the crowd of fascinated onlookers dispersed).

Who could have thought what excitement our day would bring, and all for the cost of a few picnic boxes of 'happiness' from the renowned McDonald Clan (minus 1 nugget and 2 fries).

The happy reunion with the hyped up big brothers completed our day. Thank goodness for the terribly long journey we faced on our way home or we would have missed the blow by blow descriptions of the amazing things to do and see in this incredible land of 'Minecraft'.


  1. Oh man minecraft does my head in.... Well coop banging on about it all day does! Looks like a lovely day with your baby xx

    1. I really did try to 'get it' Bron...it was amazing what they created though. When you come to Sydney you might like to visit the Powerhouse Museum- we really did have a great day! There is a smaller one very close to us and then another in the city.


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