Thursday, 4 July 2013

Campbell quotes.

While the other men of the house went off to see 'Man of Steel' Campbell and I had the day to hang out together. As usual he gave me many, many opportunities to laugh out loud.

Photo by The Follans

While I was lifting him from the car at one of our destinations today I must have groaned a bit because he immediately said "what's wrong Mum have you hurt your back again?" I told him that I was fine he was just getting so big and grown up and it is a bit tricky to get him in and out of tight parking spots. His typically kind and considerate response: "Well then you should probably go back to the psychiatrist to get that fixed."
Ummmmmmmm...... I am not entirely sure if he meant physiotherapist or if he indeed did mean psychiatrist.

He opted for Yum Cha for lunch and who am I to argue. Unfortunately a woman threatened to smack her child for trying to stand up in his high chair...and Campbell heard her!! Oh yes she did cop a serve. "But he is just a BABY!!!" Campbell declared with disgust. I think he has a valid point.

It also seems that there is a new Librarian at his school and Campbell may have moved in quickly to secure a spot on her 'teacher's pets' list. She has been searching Amazon in order to purchase all of his obscure favourites. When I told him how lovely that was he very casually replied: "Well yeah, I think she has a bit of a soft spot for me actually."

The best bit of all though was his perfectly melodramatic response to the frustrating lack of adequate customer service at Telstra. He did some mighty impressive ranting about how long we had waited, how hopeless they were and how exhausting this all was. Telstra sucks!!! And don't they know it :)

It was an entirely fabulous day with my gorgeous big boy.


  1. I love Campbell's quotes.

    Ashlea told me I sounded like a pirate when I groaned while lifting her into the car :)

    1. A pirate is cool!!! Well cooler than whatever I did to need a psychiatrist!!!


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