Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bugs and Beasties!

My baby boy turned 7! What a gorgeous 7 year old he is too. 
 We had a special family afternoon tea on the day of his birthday and then a little party for his small group of good mates at school. It is exciting to say that they were ALL very chatty and noisy- music to our ears. 
Our bug and beastie loving boy has had this theme before but loved it so much that he asked to do it all again. This time we didn't get the presenters in with their snakes and bugs, we wanted the focus to be on Joe enjoying the company of his friends. So we set about organising our own activities that would involve team challenges.  
They each had a little 'Field Journal' and pencil to start their challenges for the day.

With cones full of trail mix to get them going they all set off on challenge number 1!

I took photos of the plastic bugs we stock at 'It's a Date!' and printed off a grid for the boys to tick off as they found each bug. Their reward for completing the challenge was a bug catcher to take home. Joe buried all of the bugs in the sand trough and they all had to dig through it to find them all.

Challenge Number 2!

All of the boys wrote the number 1-7 in their books and then had to set out to find 7 posters hidden around the yard. Each poster had a number and a word- which spelled out a clue when they found all 7 posters.

The clue led them to this treasure box containing precious, lucky stones. 

Of course there was eating to be done too!!

The gorgeous bug printables included the Field Journals, bug juice labels, cupcake toppers (which I used as cake pop tags and gift bag tags.

 The source can be found here:


This spectacular cake creation was made by my Mum. 

The bonus cup cakes she made were a perfect treat to take home in cake boxes at the end of the party.

All of the products used are available now from It's a Date! Please let me know if you see something in particular you like or if you'd like the whole kit!! 
The website is coming along and it won't be long before the grand opening takes place. I am more than just a little bit excited!

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