Saturday, 3 August 2013

Embrace the quirky!

Quirkiness is a undervalued trait. It is funny and interesting. Sometimes it can wear thin in big doses, but overall it is a fabulous source of amusement.
Some households are more quirky than others, in fact some households just don't appreciate quirkiness at all! Hard to believe really.

Some people might have quirks in just one area- like numbers for instance. Perhaps they only like some numbers. Maybe they have a preference for even numbers and would rather avoid those 'odd' odd numbers. There is nothing 'ODD' about that is there? It's easy to cope with in real life situations. If someone is adjusting the volume on the TV, it's not too much trouble to make sure it is done in even increments- is it!? Of course buying a house with an odd number may cause a small degree of discomfort, but that minor detail can be overcome. Having 3 children rather than 2 or 4 (or 6 even) may pose some initial concerns, but then again the realities of having 3 children will surely address that issue.

Apparently music notes can have personalities too- in the mind of a creative, quirky type. Here's how it goes:
A- calm and nobody really hates him.
B- a jerk! He doesn't have a sharp and he knows it!
C- really cool and kind of a show-off.
D- really small and shy.
E- weak and needs someone to protect it.
F- really protective over E and wants G to stay away from E.
G- everyone thinks G is bad but he is good inside.

Then of course there is the obsessive type quirkies. For example, maybe they only like to watch BBC comedies from the 1970's- hey that was good TV!! Hilarious and so, so politically incorrect. What's not to love?

Maybe you know someone with a quirk or two. I say embrace the quirkiness!! Enjoy it in moderation and enjoy the good, long belly laughs that can come with it. Appreciate the clever and creative way of looking at the world. Perhaps ask the real estate agent before you view a house whether it is on the odd or even side of the street!!!


  1. As a household filled with quirkiness I agree - embrace it!!

    1. LOL- thanks for your support. Not everyone will be as appreciative- maybe they are the ODD ones? :)

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