Friday, 16 August 2013

Frightfully Frugal Fortnight.

Nothing forces you to appreciate the little things in life than a $0.00 bank balance. Who knew the joys that could be discovered and the humour that can be uncovered.

There was a bit of a mix-up with my first long service leave pay...there was none of it!! Posed a few concerns (alarm, swearing, panic, complete calamity). Turns out there was a mistake and it would be corrected with fortnight! With savings invested in a new business it was going to mean a very tight fortnight.

Welcome to frugal boys :)

Ohh the clever creations one can serve up from the dregs in the back of the pantry. Thank goodness that Joe's birthday present had already been purchased and that Poppy had a winning ticket in the meat raffle at the club. The surprising thing is that it was kind of fun. I had to be creative, we made a joke of it all and it seems my children really enjoy plain food. Rice, steak with a bit of lettuce (slightly shrivelled) and tomato on the side was DELICIOUS! Plain rice?!?! Since I don't eat meat I wasn't quite so excited myself- I got the Mumbai Mushroom packet thing that came in a show bag....hmmmmmmm :/ That's why it was still in the back of the pantry. Another frugal favourite was corn fritters and hash browns with salsa- a few potatoes, tin of corn and dusty jar of salsa...YUM!!! And who would ever complain about homemade biscuits and cakes.

We survived our ordeal and even managed to host a party in the midst of our financial crisis.

It gave me lots to reflect on and most certainly made us all grateful for our good fortune, our family and our home (however freezing it is at the moment). It really is the little things that count and we are lucky.

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