Monday, 24 February 2014

Highs and lows ::

Today has been a day of such highs & lows. It was especially lovely to have those highs today.

My beloved turned 40 today and you know I never waste an opportunity to create a party.

But today was also the day we said our farewells to my lovely Uncle. It's hard to get in the mood for a party when you are feeling so sad. It is so emotionally draining trying to hold it all together. My heart was breaking for my beautiful Auntie, who has lost the love of her life. It was uplifting to listen to the stories about this precious couple and to realise that the impact they have had on my life, has also been shared with others. My Uncle's way of making sure that he found a snippet of time to check in on me, to ask questions about my life and to share some of his thoughts and ideas, was something he did with others he cared about. I have always felt like a got a bonus set of grandparents with my Auntie and Uncle. In my tiny little extended family they have always been a constant for me, but also for my husband and children. It is very, very hard to realise that there is now a very big gap in our family unit and it is a void we could never fill. The elders of my family are getting older and it is a hard thing to come to terms with. I am so grateful that we had our chance to say our own special goodbyes and I can only hope that he knew how important he was in our lives and how terribly he will be missed.

I also took the time to visit a grave while we were at the Cemetery and leave behind some love. A grave that was far too small- there should never be graves so small. It is all the more important to deliver some love to those little ones. It was a moving experience for both of us to take a moment to reflect on this little person who was so perfect in every way and is so loved by so many.

Once it was time to collect our boys from school we shook off the solemness and added some cheer to our day in order to celebrate an exciting milestone. It is such a significant one this year. It marks a shift to so many new things. With Autumn almost upon us I can feel the change coming with the change of season. The shedding of the things that held us back, the change of colours, the cooler air- new opportunities and challenges. It is worth celebrating even with the lingering air of sadness.

There was no time, or energy, for baking. Who doesn't love donuts right!!

What's not to love about confetti balloons and a pile of presents!

Time for donuts and pressies before swimming lessons....

These sweet boys set straight to work after swimming to create a taco feast for Daddy. They decided that Tacos would be the ultimate treat for dad on his birthday ;) 

They took such care to set the table all by themselves too. I love the little display they created with the Superhero cards they wrote for their Dad. We have such gorgeous boys and Campbell even saved the very last Taco shell for Dad! Happy 40th to my darling husband. I know you will forever remember this day, and I hope the abundance of love showered over you is the bit you remember best of all.

A cheerful little package arrived in the mail today too. Not for the birthday boy, but for me! Oh how could the timing have been more perfect! A gift of love and generosity for no other reason except to share some joy. I most certainly did feel that joy. Thank you my friend xxx

My goal is to find a sunshiny spot for lunch tomorrow to show of my gorgeous little lunch bag and cutlery :)
And this little ray of sunshine was in my fortune cookie on Sunday night. Well alright then!!

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