Monday, 27 January 2014


This year I have resolved to write more letters, notes and cards. Not just emails, text messages or facebook posts- but real handwritten letters on actual paper and sent in real envelopes.

I love paper and stationery and always spent all of my pocket money on new pens, pencils and pretty paper. Remember Granny Mays?? I used to spend many hours pouring over all of the gorgeous things and sometimes I was even able to leave with a fancy new smelly rubber to add to my collection. Sometimes it was all so pretty that I couldn't bring myself to use it. I am not going to let that happen with this gorgeous gift:

All the way from Italy!!! I saw the photo of the shop and it looked like something on Diagon Alley. I was giddy with expectation when I was told that a gift had been purchased from that very shop. I have had it for months and was just a little bit too scared to give it a test run. I thought it was going to be much trickier to master than it was. And the truth is, it was just too perfectly gorgeous and I didn't want to spoil it. It was given with the intention of me sitting by candlelit to write my first ever novel in the style of Jane Austen- or at least to have fun using it. Isn't it the most incredible present- I adore it. 
How rude of me to wait so long to send a thank you letter sealed with wax.

I used to love writing letters when I was a kid and there was a frequent flow of letters between my cousin and I for many years. When I moved away for High School my primary school bestie and I kept the letters flowing until we got to uni. I guess life got busier and more complicated and I changed addresses frequently! I found out last year, via facebook, that my lovely friend passed away. I was so very sad that the letters we had shared had disappeared in one of those address changes over the years. I had kept them for a long time and used to pull them out to read them from time to time. Our only contact had been through letters, but I knew her so well and I miss her.

This Christmas I was given this letter writing set by another thoughtful bestie who loves me:

I am sure that the letters I sent to my childhood friend was on this very paper!

I really feel like the universe is trying to tell me something.

Over Summer I have started to write notes and postcards and encouraged the boys to do the same, which they loved. I am going to have to put all of this ink and paper to good use.

I have a stack of stamps ready to go and I really need to perfect the art of melting wax. I have ink all over my hands and a blob of wax stuck to my elbow- I need practise. 
 If you would like the happy surprise of a personal letter in the mail, I would like to send you one. Send me your address and I'll try to think of something interesting to say in a legible hand. 


  1. We have loved our letters so much xxxx granny mays!!, oh and Kenny's cardiology I used to buy separate sheets of paper, pens, oh the the envelopes... So beautiful. I also bought derwents 1 by 1. Just beautiful writing by hand xx

    1. I didn't know you could buy Derwents individually!! I treasured mine and hated to sharpen them and see them shrink a little bit more.


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