Saturday, 19 July 2014

Weekend project- a treehouse!

There has been much discussion about the perfect treehouse location at our new house- finally one was decided upon. So we had a fantastic weekend project to get into action.

Here is a pictorial timeline of the treehouse progress:

Site supervisor with his apprentice.

Of course I can use a drill!!! Few tips from the hubby and I am a pro ;)

Coming together.

A rug for the floor of course. Recycled plastic and great for outdoor use. You can get your own here.

Hmmm downstairs potential- he is considering his options...

Outdoor solar lights and an upcycled light fitting. Views over the veggie patch- who could ask for more?

This garden was completely over-grown when we moved in. Eric has worked hard and discovered beautiful winding paths and the perfect tree!

An old pulley system has been rigged up for important deliveries- supplies, letters, secret codes, cake...

The downstairs area is in the process of being fitted out for a shop.... although still a very practical 'jail' when necessary 

With off street parking options this property is going to attract lots of interest on completion. 

This was the best fun! There is still so much more scope for the imagination- who knows what it will become next weekend. 

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