Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Days 10- 13

It's been pretty uneventful around here this week. Just the usual routine. Apart from the hail storm yesterday afternoon there is nothing much to report- Joe saved you some hail stones & put them in the freezer. 
We have enjoyed a few updates via email & saw a lovely photo of you. If the huge smile on your face is anything to go by, you are having a fantastic time! We are counting down the days close to your return to the mainland!! We will all very excited to see you on Tuesday afternoon. 
Today Campbell asked when you would be home & he said that he missed you. He will be happy to have his kind & helpful brother back under the same roof. 
Jonas has been coping well without your company, but he must be desperate to have his number 1 companion back. He set the table for me last night & he accidentally set a place for you too :) He has been kept very busy making his own dominoes set at school. The pieces have all been cut with a hand saw, which he was very excited to try for the first time. They are so beautiful & he is doing a great job. You will be so proud of him when you see them. 

I have been doing this today: 

Just in case we might need them anytime soon ;) I need your signature before I can do anything more! That sounds rather grown up doesn't it. 

It's going to be quite hard to have another weekend without you, but it is lovely to know that you will be home very soon xxxxxxxxx


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    1. The job itself was not very exciting, but I am hoping that it might lead to something VERY exciting! Fingers crossed :)


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