Saturday, 8 November 2014

Day 14

It was so exciting to hear your voice!!! I am so glad you had a chance to call, however brief it was! You are a man if few words Drew, but all we needed to know was that you were happy, healthy & having fun- and you answered yes to all if the above. 
Unfortunately nobody else was home when you called and of course you asked to talk to Joe as soon as I let you get a word in- I just love how much you boys look after each other. I wonder who you are most excited to see when you get home- I suspect it could be Jonas. He has been quite happy and independent but he will be very excited to see you too! 
Dad & Joe went fishing tonight & enjoyed a tour through someone's house boat while they were down there (I think that they might like to have one too now). 

We hope the weekend flies by so that we can cross off the days before you are home! Travel well gorgeous boy xxxx

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