Sunday, 2 November 2014

Day 9

It has been a perfect Spring day. Joe & I took Sean home this morning & dropped into the markets at Bella Vista Farm while we were out & about. Joe found a cute little bird feeder at the markets & couldn't wait to get home to hang it in the trees. 

Campbell was exhausted after a rather challenging week at school (he may have got into a bit of trouble this week!) and actually slept most of the day away. He is obviously a bit tired and emotional at the moment- ahhhh teenagers!!!! 

Dad has been flat out at work this week.....
Do you get it??? Flat out!!!!!

Jonas enjoyed some more time splashing in the paddling pool & chasing butterflies. Even with an indoor pool, sometimes you just want to enjoy splashing around in the sunshine. 

I sat in the sun with Joe while he played & read a new book. He found some tiny cherry tomatoes in the garden for me to snack on while I enjoyed my book. 

We hope you had a fantastic first day on the island. After a week of building up to your arrival, I am sure you were all celebrating!


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