Sunday, 15 February 2015


We got a car!! Time to spread out beyond the downtown Vancouver boundaries.....while driving on the other side of the road!!! Adventurous we may be, but not ready to dive in too deep without practise. The perfect first stop was the lovely Kitsilano- an easy drive across the city AND a bridge! The best bit was that we were on the hunt for a good (actually really kinda trashy) second hand bookshop for Campbell. Since it was the only request on Campbell's international travel wish list, we did a lot of research to find EVERY bookshop in Vancouver. As luck would have it, one of our dear friends happened to have a cousin in Vancouver, and wondered if we might like to look him up, and he happened to work in a second hand book shop!!!!!!!

A morning treat & a look at the map before we set out to explore. 
Lunch after lots of walking & shopping. We found thrift stores, a toy shop & several candy stores...still looking for the bookshop & Campbell is trying hard to stay calm :/ it is!!!! Campbell quickly found a suitable book & when we got to the counter he quickly asked 'do you know Mrs Sansom?' Thankfully it was indeed our friend Jan's cousin & he was thrilled to meet us. Quite surprised too. Certainly worth the trek to find it. 

Just look how pretty it was walking around Kitsilano. We had a wonderful day. 

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