Sunday, 15 February 2015


The reason for getting the car was so we could find some snow!! We were not eager to try to join a group on a crowded shuttle with Campbell's wheelchair to juggle. Now that Eric is a seasoned driver on Canadian roads ;) it is time to head for the mountains. 
It was a glorious day in Vancouver when we left- great omen. 

First pitstop & the boys thought that THIS snow was exciting!!! Can't wait to see what they think of the real snow! 
Yep- now they realise what all the hype was about. 
Quick slice before we plan out our time in Whistler! 

Great accommodation right in the town centre. Lovely loft bedroom for Drew & Joe. 

Oh what a treat this was! Our first booking was for an evening sleigh ride. We had a gen-u-ine cowboy driving the horses & Campbell decided that a bit of Willy Nelson was required...he entertained our fellow riders with a delightful little number. 
Over the fields we go, laughing all the way....

It really was a wonderful experience & although it was very expensive ( by our standards) it was totally worth it. 
Returning to Whistler it was buzzing with happy skiers chatting about their exciting day on the slope. We were looking forward to a hearty dinner to warm us up. 

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