Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Eve

Andrew is a wise boy- a second night in Whyalla was a great idea and a wonderful way to spend New Years Eve. We wandered down to the water straight after breakfast and stayed there for the entire morning. The bucket of cookies that Nanna gave us for Christmas served more purposes than she could have imagined. The lid gave us lots of frisbee fun, the bucket was perfect for sand castles and water fights, and was also the crab collector. Jonas has proven himself as a master crab catcher and our crab dinner was superb. The car temperature gauge said it was 45 degrees in the middle of the day and we did welcome an hour of respite in the shopping centre in the middle of the day. The afternoon was spent in the water crab catching with Campbell tagging along in a blow up boat. After fellow campers watched Eric carry Campbell across the sand after the tide disappeared very quickly, the gave him a beer. He got another free beer when a family with four young kids were stranded with the caravan but no car after they broke down- Eric drove them into town for supplies. Poor things will be waiting until Tuesday before anyone can look at their car.
Andrew did an amazing job of decorating the tent with glow sticks, and we had fun with sparklers after dark. We had a glorious sunset to farewell 2011 and we were all tired and sun kissed after our day in the ocean. A very happy way to bring in the new year :)

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  1. Your hubby is a good man. Nothing worse than being stranded let alone with a collection of kids in the heat. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend new years.


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