Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fun and games.

I had another thoroughly hectic but wonderful week. I feel like I have finally found my groove and I now feel like I am organised for the rest of the term. My class is an absolute delight and just getting better everyday. We have done some lovely things this week but also managed to get into a steady routine with literacy groups. I especially love their disco dancing dinosaur collages we made for 'd' week- we just need to some glitter to make them 'divas' too.  I am excited about some new projects I have got planned. I loved the balloon and thread easter eggs I saw on pinterest but decided to try some cool wool I found in Big W instead of crochet thread. It worked well and will be much easier for little people to manage. I also found some cute seed packets in Big W for making grassy heads in egg shells. They will make for some fun Easter craft and I will tie in procedure writing too.
The family all had a great week too and Drew enjoyed the school disco to cap off his week. Joe decided that he wasn't ready for this one, but after tagging along to collect Drew I think he will be ready for the next one. Campbell was finally fitted for some new AFO's at the Children's Hospital this week. He is growing so fast at the moment and has outgrown his wheelchair and orthotics. He also got to have a lovely day off with his Dad.
The sunshine has been gorgeous this weekend. We made the most of it yesterday by going for a nice, long walk to Winston Hills shops for sushi. We managed to cross paths with lots of lizards sunning themselves on the paths through the bush. In the excitement of seeing a mother duck with about 8 ducklings we almost missed the baby Red Bellied Black Snake lying in the garden!! I didn't manage to capture photos of either in all the rush.

I had a lovely visit with my Nanna and Poppy today. They have both been unwell in the last few weeks but they are on the mend and looking forward to one of Mum's baked lunches for Nanna's birthday next weekend.
We have also had some fun pottering around the vegie patch. We have some very yummy strawberries at the moment and heaps of spinach. The herbs are thriving and the beans are well on the way to a healthy crop. The fig tree seems to be an regular evening treat for the local bats and possums- we could net the tree but we really don't mind sharing.

We have 2 little friends over to play this afternoon and although they usually entertain themselves well when they are all together, Eric suggested we plan an activity for them. I struggled to think of something that would keep them all happy with 4 years between the oldest 2 and the younger 2. My step mother planned a treasure hunt one year for my birthday- I think it was my 11th and I always remember it fondly. I decided that it would be a fun, non- competitive activity that they could do in teams. I made up written, rhyming clues for the older boys- some were slightly cryptic to keep them on their toes. Although the clue that read "Head to the shed and look inside. Can you find where the clue doth hide?" had them totally confused and they were all set to head inside to google 'doth' to see what it meant. Jeez, kids these days!!
For the younger boys I took photos of things around the house for them to go to and search for their next clue. I was trying to run between the two groups to enjoy the hunts. They were all so cute and excited. The big boys were yelling and cheering and running from clue to clue.
They all whooped and shouted when they finished their 'amazing races'. The prize was simple and thankfully appreciated. I baked some Brownies and put some little prizes in a zip lock bag- a chocolate milk, a little snack and a cheap toy. They also got a voucher for a DVD with popcorn. They are all happily watching the DVD now :)
Another wonderful week being me and sharing it with mine- lucky me!
The clues.
The Hunt.The victory!


  1. I love that! I don't think I'm creative enough to come up with the clues though. Nobody gave me a treasure hunt growing up. Do I ask for a refund? ; )

  2. I am struggling to imbed my clues onto my post. I figure that I have to use something like dropbox to be able to use a link. I will just email you my clues and keep working on imbedding files. Any tips? No need for a refund- LOL! It is heaps of fun just organising it all.


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