Friday, 16 March 2012

So many reasons to smile :)

I have had another wonderful week of being me. My class is just getting more gorgeous every week. I love them to bits!
I have every reason to smile when I think about the children I teach but more importantly the boys I brought into the world.  My goodness my children have made me proud beyond belief this week. In fact my eyes are welling up as I think about it- I am the biggest sook!
Starting from the oldest:
I have had several things come up this week which have made me reflect on the miracle that Campbell is. There was a NNICUPS reunion last weekend that we were not invited to. I guess because we have moved since I was involved in this very special support group for Nepean Neonatal Special Care Unit, we did not get our invite. I was so sad when I realised we had missed out on the opportunity to meet the other incredible kids who had beaten the odds despite arriving too early in the world. I am grateful that we were missed and I have now had a chance to make connections again through Facebook. I also had time to remember what an amazing boy we have. We were warned so many times that he might not make it through so many set backs. Poor Cam faced just about every possible issue that premmie babies usually face. Despite it all he continued to fight on. He was 6 months old before we could bring home and even then he had to face more surgery down the track. The funny thing is that I had decided last week that I was ready to tell his story. It is something I had been tossing around since I was involved in NNICUPS but I really struggled to face it. I was asked to write it all down for the newsletter but could never bring myself to do it. At the time I was still so focussed on the medical side of things- I had repeated it to health professionals so often that it became my mantra. Now that I have forgotten the technical stuff and only remember the emotional stuff I think that I am ready to face the tears and heart ache that will come with putting it into words. Then I had all the old friends appear on Facebook and I realised that it was all meant to be. He is such an inspiration to us and nothing makes us happier than seeing him visit his old Primary school to be treated like a pop star. There are kids and teachers calling out his name while he waves and asks if they have been crying because they miss him so much!!! He is hilariously funny with a wicked sense of humour. He is has gone to respite this weekend. It is not our respite from him at all- it is his respite from us! He asked us 2 years ago if he could go to weekend respite with his mates from school. They all talked about the fun they had together at school on Monday and he felt like he was missing out. Eric and I found it really hard to let him go, in fact it took us 2 years to agree to it. Cams loves it! This weekend is his first proper weekend and he was so excited to get there on Friday night. Meanwhile we can't wait to pick him up on Sunday afternoon to see how much fun he had. I will get back to that story soon.

Our Andrew is our brilliant middle child. He is the perfect big and little brother. This week he has been presented with his precious SRC badge. He has coveted this prized position since he lost out last year and was heart broken. He was elated to be selected this year. I am a bit sad that I had to miss the badge ceremony because I had my class to look after but we will still celebrate his successes. He so deserves it. I also had feedback about Drew from others this week. His former Kindy teacher think that he is a lovely boy and thoughtful big brother, and told me about what a special boy he is. One of his good friends has a Mum who also thinks a lot of him. My Mum sent me a message today to tell me that she dropped Drew off at his mates place for a party (Mum has the boys this weekend while Cam is at respite to spoil them!) and was told that Drew is a lovely, caring boy who is gentle and has a 'beautiful soul'. This Mum said she was grateful that Andrew is friends with her equally lovely boy, who has faced lots of medical difficulties of his own. I can't wait to give him the biggest hug and to tell him how proud we are of him for everything he is.

Our little Jonas! I had a parent/ teacher interview this week with his teacher. Not only did she tell me how awesome her previous kindy boy Andrew is, she had more to say about our Jojo. This is a teacher who I relate to so closely. She lives and breathes her class and her own children. She even dreams about Joe talking to her! She is amazing and knowing her makes me a better teacher. It was lovely to sit and chat with her and have her tell me what a happy, bright boy we have. He is making great progress in every way- there was nothing but praise for Joe's progress. I loved to hear about her own 'Mother Hen' confessions about her own kids and it makes me feel so much better for also being a bit of a 'mother hen'. Jonas, despite his extreme shyness, is a very adaptable and social little boy. His teacher has no concerns about his social skills, even though he is still too shy to talk to the kids in his class. Funny but true!
I had to laugh about the celebrity status I had at Professionails at Winston Hills today when I went in. My Mum booked me in for a manicure and pedicure when I was on long service leave and today I went in for  my follow- up appointment. They were all passing on the message that I was 'Robyn's daughter'...and that I was the one with the cute son. Mum sometimes took Joe with her on Friday when she had her nails done. He is also a bit famous apparently. How sweet is that? I have a lovely Mum and a cute baby boy to help me get the VIP service in the massage chair- fabulous!
Do you see why I have so many reasons to smile?
Now I have another night alone with my husband who did a nice thing today at the Castle Hill show and gave a lovely boy the chance to lead the cow. This boy is in Campbell's class and he is a very, very nice boy with a very, very nice family. I married a lovely man.
I know I am a shocking skite and terrible show- off but it really does make me feel so good to think about my good fortune. I am smiling again today because I took the time to focus on all the good things. It is such a wonderful thing to do.
P.S. I also had my haircut again today. I said I wanted it is certainly is! I don't think Eric likes it much, but he is being very polite about it :/


  1. Wow Melissa that is such a beautiful story I remember baby Campbell and Sarah next to each other in the NIC Unit so well she was sick he was sick back and forward.. We can relate so well to your feeling of such joy and Smile each time we look at our children as well....
    I know that your boys are all so special and that's because of special parents like both yourself and Eric.... Take in your stride and be proud of your emotions they make you the special person you are... Wonderful story .. I have never told our story and would to read yours..
    Beautiful Melissa simply beautiful.

  2. Thankyou Belinda. We will never forget 'Baby Sarah' either or the lovely friendship we developed while we were in the NICU. I love seeing her all grown up and looking so beautiful. I really hope we get a chance to catch up with the NNICUPS gang soon.


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